5 Tips from Datavail’s CMO on Maximizing Your Workflow

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Getting your team on the same page can be a difficult task. It doesn’t always mean your team members aren’t able to handle their jobs, but it might mean it’s time to readjust how your company tackles a project.

Breakdowns in your marketing content workflow generally end up being costly. Revisions have to be made, meetings go on longer than they need to, and in the end you might spend more time fixing what could’ve been done correctly in the first place.

In the recent Kapost webinar on building an efficient content engine, Datavail CMO Robin Caputo spoke about dealing with the breakdown in a company’s workflow. She outlined some key steps for tackling this issue, and how it improved overall performance.

Here are five tips from Robin’s presentation.

1. Identify and Cut Down on Chaos

Robin talked about the doubled-edged sword of chaos in the workplace, saying, “Any team can live with chaos for a short time; in fact, it can be energizing.” But she stresses that this model isn’t sustainable.

Before you dive into your campaign, step back and identify what your existing issues are so they’re all out in the open.

2. Pre-Planning

Planning out your entire campaign might seem like a given, but “the setup,” as Robin referred to it, helps make sure you’re maximizing your efficiency before you’ve even started.

By focusing on personas at the start of your campaign, you’ll waste less time with revisions further down the road.

3. Find the Right Tools

With the right interface, it’s easier to visualize all the steps in your campaign. Robin explained that with an interface like Kapost, it’s much easier for her team to watch all of the steps, from concept to implementation.

4. Be Open to Change

Robin stressed that it’s just as important to stay on task as it is to be adaptable. If your metrics show your campaign isn’t performing well, be open to shifting gears.

With the right planning in place, you’ll be able to make a change quickly without the entire process falling apart.

5. Categorize Your Campaign

When it comes to categorizing a campaign, Robin said, “I think the important part is to think about your process.” The process can differ for whatever campaign you’re doing—whether it’s an email blast, a webinar, or even a live presentation.

Since each one of these have their own specific steps, it’s important to label them as such from the beginning, and not approach your campaign by simply by topic.

Building efficiencies into your team’s process is a key part of success, and lays a foundation for successful marketing campaigns that drive results. If you’re interested in more information on how to improve your marketing workflow, check out the full webinar. Robin provides a number of practical examples on how Kapost helped her and her team maximize their output.

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