Highlights from the Workiva Webinar on Marketing Content Ideation

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Upland Admin

Last week we co-hosted a webinar with Erin Wall, Director of Marketing at Workiva, on her process with marketing content ideation.

We asked her about the “ideation” process, because a new study revealed 39% of marketers say coming up with ideas is “difficult” or “somewhat difficult.”

The full webinar recording lasts about 50 minutes (including Q&A).

But in case you don’t have an hour to spare, here are some of the quick highlights from the presentation.

How did you manage ideation before Kapost?

“We had a disparate way that we managed ideas…we had Google docs, we had paper, we had whiteboards, we had a bajillion emails…It became hard to track.”

How did Kapost help solve that?

“We originally purchased Kapost for processes and workflow management because every one of our content types has a very different flow. Now we use it to help optimize our process.”

What does a day in the life of ideation look like for your team?

“An idea comes in, it is entered into Kapost, and it is aligned to existing campaigns or business objectives.”

“Kapost saves our team a lot of time because we aren’t chasing things….we can find trends and patterns in what’s working and what’s not…it also helps us align [content] to business goals.”

Why is this approach working for Workiva?

“It helps to show the results and impact of what we’re trying to do.”

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