Xerox Rocks At Content Marketing. Here’s Why.

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In case you missed it, the Kapost Top 50 Content Marketing Brands—a list of brands whose content marketing efforts are generating big wins and real successes—is out for 2013!

If you haven’t checked it out yet, take a peek.

Today, we’re talking about Xerox, #4 on our top-50 list.

So, what exactly is Xerox doing with their content marketing?

If you’ve been reading up about our other top content marketers, it won’t surprise you to learn that two of Xerox’s biggest wins are in targeting content and connecting with influencers.

One major content targeting project has been focused on the healthcare industry. In fact, they created a whole website dedicated to healthcare-specific education, where they publish content that is heavy on education and light on promotion.

Another big win—the one that involves outside partnerships—is their ongoing relationship with Forbes. By syndicating content on Forbes, they reach thousands of executives and entrepreneurs on a daily basis.

Smart, right?

And what’s the mindset behind the mad successes?

According to Christa Carone, the former CMO at Xerox, the secret to Xerox’s success is their innovative spirit and their magnetic company culture, which includes a surprisingly tenured workforce for a technology company.

In other words, for Xerox, what really makes a difference behind the scenes is:

1. Having an authentic brand that starts from the inside and moves outward.
Your client-facing brand should mirror your internal brand.

2. Getting clear on your purpose—your real purpose.
As Carone says in the interview: “Our purpose was never making copiers. Our purpose was helping people share information.”

3. Encouraging employees to get on social media.
If you’ve got a company full of people who are passionate about your products, get them online. As Carone says, “Years ago, we put out a set of social media guidelines…and they weren’t meant to be restrictions, but encouragement.”

What do you think of Xerox’s approach?

As always, we’d love to hear from you in the comments or by email. What do you love about Xerox’s approach? What lessons will you take into your own content marketing?

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