Providing a great customer experience will be a leading indicator of revenue growth and customer loyalty for the financial services industry.

Personalization is at the heart of a positive customer experience.

Financial services brands can deliver meaningful and powerful personalized experiences by combining their mobile data and everyday customer touchpoints. We enable organizations to deliver real-time communications at the optimal time and on the right channel to improve customer engagement.

Accelerate your digital transformation and harness customer data to enhance your customer experience, drive loyalty, and reduce customer churn.

Upland Localytics partners with global financial services companies to modernize their customer experience.


Our customers are capitalizing on our digital intelligence to transform their business.


One of our financial services clients was able to realize open rates of nearly 20%, and an engagement rate of 64% by personalizing their mobile in-app and push campaigns.

Accelerate your mobile app personalization strategy and improve customer engagement with our solutions for financial services firms.

Use Insights to Drive Personalization

To drive loyalty in an increasingly digital economy, banks and insurers need to deliver a hyper-relevant, highly convenient, and trustworthy customer experience.

Delivering strong personalization has multiple benefits for financial services firms – from building key customer relationships to driving long-term revenue.

The top five benefits of personalization include increased visitor engagement (55%), improved customer experience (55%), improved brand perception (39%), increased conversion rates (51%), and increased lead generation and customer acquisition (46%). (Source: AdAge)

Personalization can reduce acquisition costs by as much as 50%, lift revenues by 5–15%, and increase marketing spend efficiency by 10–30%. (Source: Adweek, 2018)

Improve Customer Engagement through Convenient, Self-Service Mobile Experiences

Our platform enables financial services companies to go beyond personalization to drive the next-best action using rich digital intelligence to deliver in-context experiences.

With the combination of rich data, detailed analytics, and advanced mobile app channels, financial services providers can engage with customers in real time and offer the management of financial assets through self-serve options. We aid brands in improving self-service adoption with onboarding campaigns and personalized communications through our analytical and mobile engagement capabilities. Increased engagement with self-service features contributes to the lifts in retention, ARPU, and savings in call centers and customer support costs.

40% of consumers prefer self-service over human contact. (Source »)

Deliver Seamless Experiences Across the Customer Journey

Creating a seamless experience across channels is a critical component of building customer loyalty and engagement. A customer’s relationship with their financial services provider starts with onboarding and moves to transactions, maintenance, and customer support.

Our platform allows banks, insurance, and wealth management firms to understand customer insights and behaviors across mobile and web. Our digital intelligence capabilities allows our customers to combine insights across touchpoints and deliver more personalized experiences.

Not surprisingly, 63% of financial services organizations marked customer experience as their priority. (Source »)

Mitigate and Prevent Customer Churn

With no shortage of options available to customers, experience is becoming an important differentiator for financial institutions. The financial services industry is facing increased competition from both existing players who are revamping their digital presence and newcomers threatening to disrupt the industry. Great customer experiences drive loyalty, and, in turn, increase customer lifetime value.

Upland Localytics provides solutions to mitigate churn that go beyond traditional methods. Our platform allows you to track and understand user behavior, then uses digital intelligence to predict churn or identify conversion opportunities, to give you a competitive edge in your marketing campaigns. Customer insights including historic churn data or quality of experience can help you discover which customers are more likely to churn, so you can take action ahead of time.

Reducing churn rates can result in significant increases in-app user churn and average revenue per user (ARPU).

An improved onboarding experience enabled one of our financial services customers to reduce app user churn with uninstall rates dropping to 0.03% for iPhone and 0.17% for Android.

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