Use digital intelligence to create unforgettable travel and hospitality experiences.

Deliver immersive mobile app experiences that are uniquely tailored to each consumer’s need at the right time, on the right channel.

Gain a deeper understanding of customer behaviors within your app, then leverage data and insights to create unique experiences that drive brand loyalty and reduce customer churn.

Upland Localytics partners with global travel, hospitality, and leisure companies to help them transform customer insights into unforgettable memories.


Our customers are capitalizing on our digital intelligence capabilities to create personalized mobile experiences for their users.



Go beyond personalization to create immersive experiences with our solutions for travel, hospitality, and leisure organizations.

Make Every Consumer’s Experience Personalized and Unique

Travel, hospitality, and leisure brands know how important it is to deliver personalized and measurable customer experiences. Our mobile app personalization and analytics solution makes it easy for you to create more meaningful communications across the customer journey. Whether your users are booking a trip, checking in for their flight, or exploring leisure activities, we help you deliver contextual experiences to engage each user and make every moment matter.

Drive Engagement and Revenue with Location-Based Campaigns

Travel is all about exploration. By incorporating geo-targeted, location-based messaging into your engagement campaigns, you can capitalize on a right place, right time strategy, and offer last-minute deals and promotions on activities, car rentals, day trips, and more based on the current location of your customer to enhance their travel experience across the customer lifecycle from discovery through purchase to post-purchase.

With our Places feature you can have up to 50,000 geofences, targeting consumers in most frequently visited locations with customized offers and deals to encourage engagements that drive revenue. launched a Places campaigns to deliver one-day special offers in its highest volume locations. These campaigns drove an increase in the conversion rate of visitors who booked a hotel within a single day of receiving a message. Additionally,’s data showed that one in five same-day rental car bookings occurs when users are at the airport. By triggering messages when the user arrives at the airport, Priceline was able to reach users when they were most likely to buy, thus driving more conversions.

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Drive Customer Acquisitions and Boost Conversions with Remarketing

Expand your acquisition strategy by targeting ads to individuals who resemble your most valuable app users. By using our Lookalike feature, you can export audiences that align with your ideal customers and use them to inform your acquisition campaigns for maximum ROI.

Or, use remarketing to bring users back into your app and drive conversions. Serve ads to app users who recently browsed but didn’t purchase. Or, bring users back to your app with targeted ads that align with their preferences or browsing history, then watch your conversions soar.

With more than 50% of car reservations coming through the Zipcar app, the company quickly realized the importance of mobile. Zipcar worked with Localytics to run user acquisition campaigns with Facebook and to be able to understand how campaigns are performing, all in one place. The acquisition campaigns have helped increase app downloads by 15% and app engagement by 30%. Remarketing to existing users is a great way to boost engagement and conversions. Zipcar is also leveraging Localytics to send in-app messages and push notifications to members about special promotions.

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Spot Unhappy Customers Before They Churn

The travel, hospitality, and leisure market is saturated with many different players, and the abundance of choices makes it all too easy for brands to lose loyal customers if they don’t spot disengaged or unhappy users, and reengage them in time.

Upland Localytics offers our clients insights into user engagement that go beyond standard metrics to include intel based on user history, preferences, and behaviors. Our predictive analytics takes the guesswork out of your retention strategy, enabling you to identify users that are likely to churn, so you can act quickly to reengage them and create loyal, long-term customers.

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