Mobile Marketing Analytics

Get real-time data analytics from your app and website that go beyond typical metrics to reveal what your customers are doing and thinking to help guide your mobile marketing strategies.

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Campaign Reporting

Plan your engagement strategies using insightful campaign reporting tools designed to continuously refine and improve your customer experiences.

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Predictive Analytics for Churn

You want to stop customers from leaving your app, and we can help you. Spot customers who are most likely to churn and engage them with communications that will make them never want to leave.

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Predictive Analytics for Conversions

You want to drive results with your engagement campaigns, and we’re here to make that easy. We help you identify customers who are more likely to convert, so you know who to engage with to close the deal. Take the guesswork out of your marketing strategy.

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Uninstall Tracking

Identify customers deleting your app, understand why, and then re-engage with more personalized messaging designed to win them back.

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Ignite powerful customer experiences with a dynamic mix of mobile marketing analytics and digital intelligence that fuel omni-channel engagements that truly connect with customers.