Powerful, Real-Time Analytics

See a complete view of what customers are doing in your mobile app or on your website, so you can get insights that lead to smart, meaningful digital engagement strategies.

Watch for trends and correlations, and see how your engagement activities impact your customers and their interactions with you. Our real-time mobile app analytics include in-depth reporting and filtering, unsampled data collection, and access to your raw data, as well as industry benchmarking to provide more perspective on your results.

Make an Impact Using Analytics

Understand which customer groups contribute to the greatest lifetime value, and expose trends in revenue, acquisition source, and user attributes and activities.

Let’s say you’re a retailer who wants to attract new customers and you found that your highest LTV customers are women ages 18-24, in college, and live in urban areas. Create targeted acquisition campaigns on social media to attract similar customers.

View user retention trends in detail and spot patterns over time to understand which users are most loyal and how your engagement strategy impacts that loyalty.

Take a streaming service, for example. They found that users who view two videos within the first week of downloading the app are 30% less likely to churn. Now you can create onboarding campaigns to encourage video views soon after your app was downloaded, thus increasing retention.

Understand the flow of user activity so you can optimize key points of the user experience. Uncover drop-off points or find where you may need to nudge certain customer groups to help increase engagement and conversions.

Imagine you’re a bank and you find that after customers who intend to make a transfer end up dropping off after the second step. Address this trouble spot quickly by sharing a tutorial via an app inbox message to guide users to completion, and then work with your developers to find a permanent fix.

More Ways to Apply Your Analytics


Analyze your acquisition campaigns to understand where your valuable users come from, and optimize ad spend to attract the best customers possible. We’re certified as a Facebook Mobile Measurement Partner and Twitter Official Partner.

Custom Dashboards

Create and save customized analytics reports in one place to easily access metrics that are specific to your strategy. Also view reports side by side to compare across activities or users, and share your dashboard for better collaboration.

Raw Data Access

Get full access to your raw data, so you can run custom queries and get even deeper analytics insights, or export your data to a CRM, DMP, or any of our partner platforms using our API.

Analytics Features

Get up and running quickly with 10 detailed analytics reports ready to use right out of the box. And if you need more, custom reports can be created to meet your unique needs.

Engagement Gauge app and website health by how much time users spend there, and how often they return
Events See how users interact with your app or website so you can build a more engaging experience
Flows Determine user paths as they navigate your app or website to help create a frictionless user experience
Funnels Create custom funnels to track chains of events in your app or website to optimize conversion points
Location Gain visibility on where your app or website is most popular geographically
Predictions Forecast user actions to be proactive in preventing churn and driving conversions
Retention Gauge customer loyalty by understanding how often and why users return
Revenue See the value and volume of transactions, and find out which users generate the most revenue
Segments Group users by behaviors, and determine what leads to positive and negative outcomes to improve your strategy
Usage See when, how long, and how frequently users visit your app with usage metrics

Ready to learn more?

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