A Crystal Ball for Marketers

Predictions let you look into the future and see which users are likely to convert. Don’t miss low-hanging fruit, know exactly who is close to converting, and create engagement campaigns to nurture them to your goal. Instantly create a prediction model based on conversions to highlight your most important users.

How to Put Your Conversion Predictions into Action

Capitalize on your customers that are likely to convert by sending them offers, such as exclusive discounts, bonus points, or pre-order opportunities for a hot new product, boosting sales and retention in the process.

Travel companies have a great opportunity here. Create an audience with your predicted converters and send them an offer to receive double loyalty points for booking hotel nights or flights over the next two weeks.

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The customers that are most likely to convert are those that are pretty active in your app or website and likely have a great opinion of your brand. This is a great opportunity to request they rate their experience or submit a survey and get actionable insights to improve your customer experience.

There are a ton of news and media apps out there. Stand out by being one with the highest ratings. Use your low churn risk group as an audience, and prompt them with in-app messages periodically to rate your app and watch your ratings grow in both quality and quantity.

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A brand’s best form of marketing is word of mouth. Get your highly engaged customers to help spread the word about your brand through a referral program.

Take a skincare brand, for example. Loyal customers love suggesting new products to others. Use in-app and app inbox messages to promote your “Refer a Friend” program to your likely converters, and start seeing your program grow with existing and new customers.

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More Ways to Apply Your Predictions

Related Behaviors

Understand the behavior of users who convert and how it’s different from those that don’t. See the impact of specific events and attributes. For example, are users who read four articles this week more likely to upgrade their subscription than those who read two? And how can you nurture that group to get them to upgrade?

Related Attributes

See how individual characteristics, like specific demographics or if they enabled push, impact a user’s likelihood of converting. Use these insights to enhance your acquisition strategies to attract more users like them, or to engage similar customers to take actions like updating the app or enabling push to help them convert.

Conversion Predictions Features

User Segmentation Predictions divides users into three risk groups: with low indicating those who are on the path to conversion and high indicating churn risks
Audiences Create audiences based on your user segments to easily add them to targeted sales, engagement, and loyalty campaigns
Customizable Predictive Models Define your own conversion models for the unique needs of your business and customers

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