Daily Uninstall Alerts

If users are abandoning your app, that’s information you want to know right now. The problem is that it normally takes a long time to see changes in churn metrics. Uninstall tracking tells you when a user uninstalls your app thanks to the most recent information updated every 24 hours giving you an immediate indicator when something is wrong.

What Can Your Uninstalls Tell You?

See if that bold messaging campaign was a bit too edgy

Being bold and daring with your marketing campaigns can sometimes pay off, but it can also have the opposite effect. Track campaign-level uninstalls to better understand whether a specific campaign is driving or preventing uninstalls.

For telco companies, launching an aggressive acquisition campaign to encourage millennials to upgrade their data plan might put off other users and cause increased app uninstalls.

Avoid promoting the app to customers who have already uninstalled it

Understand why, when, and which users uninstall apps to fight effectively against churn. Get uninstall insights that will enable you to focus your marketing efforts on the right users.

Entertainment apps need to keep users engaged with regularly updated content, because users lose interest easily. But if users have churned, re-engage them via email by sharing top content that aligns with their previous views and turn this goodbye in to see you soon.

Tailor re-engagement messages the instant a user removes your app

Start re-engaging users who uninstall your app across other channels. Allocate your marketing resources in “win-back” campaigns that will give your users a reason to return.

Travelers who came back from a recent trip might uninstall your travel app, but you can still keep engaged and up to date on last-minute deals and holiday packages.

Get an Early Warning for App Churn

Track uninstalls with high accuracy

Track uninstalls for all users, regardless of whether they have push notifications enabled or disabled. Have reliable insights even if your users wander out of the signal range or temporarily power down their devices.

See the bigger picture

Look at uninstalls just like any other event, enabling you to spot trends over time, compare uninstalls of different user types, create funnels and audiences of churned users, and help you evaluate a campaign’s effect on uninstalls.

Boost your retention campaigns

Evaluate the efficacy of your retention campaigns by seeing if users who received the campaign were less likely to uninstall than the control group. If you have multiple touchpoints with your users, uninstall tracking will inform you which customers to hit with web-specific rather than app-specific content to drive higher engagement and retention.

Uninstall Tracking Features

Identify Bugs Immediately detect bugs and deteriorated user experience
Reliable Tracking Monitor uninstalls with silent push notifications that don’t disturb users and don’t require opt-in
Updated Reports Get more accurate uninstall insights updated every 24 hours
Flexibility Track uninstalls equally well for iOS and Android mobile apps
Impact Insights See uninstall trends over time, evaluate campaign effects on app uninstalls, segment uninstalled users, and more

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