Detailed Audience Segmentation

Better define your audience into super-specific groups and target them with relevant messaging that excites and engages. Get ready to watch your performance skyrocket.

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Behaviorally Triggered Campaigns

Have dynamic conversations with your customers based on their interaction with your brand. Respond to each customer in real time with behaviorally triggered campaigns based on their actions and preferences.

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Geotargeted Messaging & Analytics

There is always a perfect time and place to engage with your customers. Deliver relevant messages and offers in the moment based on the places your customers are visiting.

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Campaign Optimization

Make our AI/ML intelligence features your superpower. so you can fine-tune your customer experiences even through their changing preferences, behaviors, and trends.

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Rich & Dynamic Content

Don’t just send messages, create experiences. Grab your customers’ attention every time with rich and dynamic communications that draw them right in.

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A/B Testing

The best marketers are those who aren’t afraid to try new ideas. Take advantage of powerful A/B testing capabilities so you can experiment. Then capitalize on what works, get rid of what doesn’t, and continuously improve campaign results.

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