Deliver unique experiences that drive engagement.

No two customers are totally alike, so make sure you engage with them in a way that shows you truly understand exactly who they are and their needs. Tap into our analytics and AI/ML based intelligence capabilities to optimize each of your engagements, ensuring that your customers have a pleasurable experience and that your results skyrocket!

Customize delivery time for each user

Determine the best time to send a push notification based on when users are most likely to engage and act on your message. Upland Localytics’ artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) optimizes the delivery time of mobile push campaigns.

Now retailers can send that perfectly crafted promotional offer to customers right when they want it, avoiding sending at times when customers are less likely to respond — like when they are at work or busy getting the little ones to bed.

Craft personalized creatives

Delight your users with an immersive brand experience personalized at the moment of engagement. Easily personalize creatives in your mobile campaigns without the hassle of additional segmentation or having to create multiple campaigns.

A travel destination brand can show potential visitors visuals in rich push messages that highlight their personal vacation interests – snorkeling and swimming for some, and nightlife for others!

Know your user’s next move

Discover how users are going to behave and why. Our Predictions capability empowers you to easily notice segments of users at the risk of churn or spot opportunities for conversion thanks to real-life insights.

Media & Entertainment companies can now create engaging experiences that highlight programming most likely to get viewers to convert to premium plans.

Personalize Intelligently

Personalization is a topic often reduced to simply creating the ideal audience or promoting the best product or content. In reality, personalization is a multi-faceted topic that requires digital intelligence along with human intelligence to get it right. To make your personalization efforts easier, use our 6Ws Framework of Personalization (Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How Often) as a guide. We’re also delivering AI/ML based capabilities for each of the “W’s” that we think need it the most:

Audiences (Who)

Know which users are likely to churn or convert, and get insights that allow you to understand why. Predictive modeling gives you the foresight you need to understand and influence how your users are likely to behave and to take advantage of an opportunity, or prevent the worst — app churn.

Creative (What)

Ensure you connect with your customers at a deeper level with visuals that draw them into your marketing messages. Through our Movable Ink partnership you can ensure that the visuals in your push, in-app, and Inbox messages are as individual as each of your customers. And, by allowing this decision to be made at the moment of engagement, you can be that much more certain that your visuals will hit the mark. You can also use the Upland Localytics Profile API to pass mobile data to Movable Ink, enriching the data set used when personalizing email creatives.

Send Time (When)

Improve the results of your mobile campaigns by optimizing the “When” part of your message strategy. Our Personal Delivery Time capability gives you an option to send messages at the optimal time for each individual end user based on when they are most likely to engage with your app.

AI / ML Features

Predictions Forecast user actions and their likelihood of conversion or churn
Dynamic Creatives Incorporate personalized creatives in your mobile campaigns, or use your mobile data to enhance the personalization of your email creatives powered by Movable Ink
Personal Delivery Time Use machine learning to personalize the delivery time of push notifications for each user based on their engagement habits
Push Throttling Protect your servers from spikes in activity driven by your app or web push messages by spacing out the delivery of your notification

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