Better Targeting, Deeper Engagement

Discover how to make your open rates and app launches skyrocket with a targeting engine that powers omni-channel messaging in Upland Localytics. The Audiences feature empowers you to precisely target your users with in-app, inbox, and app and web push notifications. Drive your campaign goals with the rich user data we collect – a powerful combination of data from user characteristics, user actions, and app usage.

Build Meaningful Customer Relationships

Identify users based on their preferences

Use detailed in-app behavior to understand your customers’ preferences. For example, media and entertainment companies can easily target comedy or drama lovers, building audiences based on the type of content their app users enjoy and want more of!

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Send rewards to your most active users

Identify your most engaged, loyal users, and give them special recognition with a discount offer or access to exclusive content. For example, telco companies can offer their most active app users a free trial on another service they offer, such as a mobile plan or TV subscription.

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Nurture relationships with users on other channels

Bring churned users back to your app by exporting a custom Audience to your ad platform or marketing automation software. For example, in the travel industry, an airline can enroll churned users from their mobile app in a win-back campaign or encourage them to stay in touch on other channels (web, social media, etc.).

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Expand your Personalization Capabilities


Better Targeting for Deeper Engagement

Increase your conversion rates with Audiences that allows you to tap into extremely granular data, capturing up to 50 profile and behavioral characteristics. Gain a complete view of your users, resulting in campaigns that improve 2x conversion rates.

Audiences That Evolve as Your Users Do

As mobile users interact with your app and you learn more about them, they will dynamically be added or removed from Audiences. This means they’ll become eligible to receive messages you’ve tailored for users just like them and be prevented from receiving campaigns they don’t need.

Seamlessly Share your Audiences Across Platforms

You can create even more precise Audiences by importing your user data from other systems. Our Audience API allows you to import and export entire Audiences, making it easy to incorporate Upland Localytics into your other targeted marketing efforts.


Audiences Features

Profiles Build audiences choosing up to 10 profile attributes such as Gender or Favorite Category
Behaviors Build audiences choosing up to 2 behavioral attributes such Inbox or Messages Viewed
Profile & Behavior Combine profile and behavioral attribution to create more targeted audiences
Audience Exports Export Audiences created in the Localytics Dashboard for engagement in other platforms with Audience Exports API

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