Extend your customer engagement across all your touchpoints thanks to Upland Localytics’ integration capabilities powered by APIs and partnerships with other technology platforms. Discover the ease of connecting your data in a safe and secure way to ensure an even more personalized, immersive, and seamless brand experience.

Personalize Campaigns Across Channels

Unite data across channels

Combine the knowledge about your customers and their interactions with your brand across devices and channels to run seamless marketing campaigns.

Travel brands can easily identify in their CRM “foodies” based on user behavior on their web and use that data to send them promotions of local restaurants to their mobile devices.

Drive engagement with real-time updates

Easily import, export, or update user profiles with profile APIs that allow you to make real-time changes to things like a user’s account preferences or behaviors in your app.

Media and entertainment companies can easily sync their user preferences, like last seen show or sporting events, and target them with more personalized campaigns across other channels like email or web.

Build retention

Use all the user insights to create more personalized app experiences that reward your best customers and drive brand engagement and loyalty. Send special offers to your power users or loyalty cardholders.

For example, retail apps can send reminders to those in their loyalty program to use the points they have collected, spurring customers to come back to the app to make a purchase and gain more points.

Create Seamless Experiences

Learn about our ever-growing partnerships and integration capabilities and how together we can transform your digital engagement strategy.

Unite your digital marketing efforts

Build a deep, personalized relationship with each customer, taking advantage of every interaction with your brand. We partnered with Salesforce Marketing Cloud to enable you to easily merge your mobile data into one complete picture of your users. Connecting mobile and digital channels enables greater personalization and enhances email and other campaigns.

Drive engagement with intelligently personalized creatives

We partnered with Movable Ink to bring data and creative together to help you deliver a seamless brand experience that is unique to each user and personalized at the moment of engagement to maximize relevancy. Easily personalize creatives in your mobile campaigns without the hassle of creating multiple campaigns. You can also use your mobile data to improve the personalization of creatives used in your emails.

Streamline your customer engagement marketing

Our APIs give you the ability to expand the capabilities of your other marketing platforms by allowing you to easily export and import data from Upland Localytics. Our APIs help you run more efficient campaigns by keeping your database in sync and enabling you to make your marketing more timely and personalized.

Integrations & Partnerships Features

Audience APIs Audience Exports, Audience Imports
Profile APIs Profile API, Profile Export API, Profile Import API
Other APIs Query API, Places API, Push API, Events API, Raw Log Exports API
Direct Access Plug and play integrations with BI tools such as Tableau, Looker, Periscope, and more
A/B Testing Apptimize & Optimizely integrations allow you to quickly and easily run A/B on UI test different app experiences and apply results in Upland Localytics reporting & messaging
Attribution & Remarketing Integration with the largest and most popular attribution partners such as Kochava, Adjust, or Appsflyer
Crash Reporting Upland Localytics has partnered with Apteligent (formerly Crittercism) to help you monitor, prioritize, and fix app crashes
Deep Linking In addition to Upland Localytic’s support for deep linking and deep link tracking, we partner with solutions that specialize in advanced deep linking for the best end-user experience
Marketing Software We partner with Marketo, Oracle Responsys, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud to help you deliver effective cross-channel engagement

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