Extend Personalization to Your Ads

Remarketing connects Upland Localytics’ powerful segmentation engine to your Facebook Ads account, so you can reach users with personalized ads outside your mobile app.

Start by creating custom audiences based on a customer’s app usage history, profile data, or predictive analytics. Then export these audiences to your Facebook Ads account to serve tailored, relevant ads to your app users, increasing the chances they return to your app and increase usage and engagement.

Re-engage customers

Create and display ads that relate to your customer’s app activity and interests, such as products viewed, events browsed, movies watched, and more. Then link these ads back into your app to spark re-engagement.

Take a quick-serve restaurant app, for example. Tap into your foodie customers who haven’t visited in a while with ads for the cooking videos you just launched. Staying top of mind and connecting ads to their preferences increases the chances they’ll re-open your app and watch.

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Drive conversions

Select your conversion event and measure the success of your remarketing campaign against it, including purchased, content viewed, push enabled, and more.

Retailers are a prime example. Remarket to app users who haven’t opened the app within the last month with a 10% discount and free shipping, then watch as your purchases within the app grow.

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Improve acquisition ROI

Make acquisition easier by targeting people who resemble your most successful app users. Export these audiences to Facebook, then use Facebook’s Lookalike feature to discover new groups of highly qualified users for your acquisition campaigns.

Take a travel app. They can use their audience of users who make the most travel bookings, then use that to target similar individuals in Facebook ads to spur growth in app downloads and gain new high lifetime value customers.

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Streamline & Understand Your Remarketing Efforts

Measure Campaign ROI

As a Facebook Mobile Measurement Partner, Upland Localytics measures post-click behavior and conversions from your Facebook campaigns, so you can easily understand the ROI of every advertising dollar and further optimize ad spend and campaign targeting, and maximize your return.

Easily Sync Audiences

Syncing your Upland Localytics audiences with your Facebook ad platform takes just a few clicks. Simply select “Remarketing” within the Upland Localytics Dashboard, and select the export audience option to sync your custom audience to your Facebook ad platform.


Our in-depth reporting tool, True Impact™ shows you exactly how your remarketing initiative has performed against your goals, such as engagement and conversions associated with nurturing, monetizing, or re-engaging your audience.

Remarketing Features

Boost your app and web push campaigns with features that help you work smarter and faster.

User-Friendly Dashboard Create audiences, export them, and analyze results, all in one easy dashboard
Goal Setting Set goals like nurture, monetize, or re-engage to effectively measure your campaign’s impact
Export Audiences Export audiences for additional remarketing distribution by Apple IDFA, Google GAID, or by customer ID

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