Hipcricket Platform

Upland Software acquired Hipcricket and has combined it with Mobile Commons and Waterfall to create Upland Mobile Messaging

Upland Mobile Messaging has combined three industry-leading mobile messaging solutions – Mobile Commons, Hipcricket, and Waterfall to create the leading enterprise-grade, end-to-end mobile engagement solution, transforming the way that enterprise marketers communicate with consumers. For more information on Upland Mobile Messaging, please fill out the form on the right.

The Hipcricket platform provides a unified mobile engagement platform that drives awareness, sales and loyalty.  Create, launch and monitor integrated SMS & MMS Marketing campaigns in minutes.  Send mobile messages with vivid pictures, videos or text messages and immediately grab your audience’s attention.

Intelligently Engage Your Audiences and Drive Growth

Mobile Coupons

Drive customer engagement, new sales, and brand loyalty with mobile couponing.

QR Codes

Easily create and execute innovative QR code campaigns to drive your audience to your website.

Mobile Sitebuilder

Quickly create meaningful mobile websites that can be integrated with your Hipcricket messaging campaign.

Tuned for the needs of your business

  • Hipcricket for Consumer Packaged Goods

    Through our mobile shopping marketing expertise, the Hipcricket platform has supported some of the most well known CPG brands in the world engage with their end users.

  • Hipcricket for Broadcast & Media

    More Listeners, More Revenue, Less Work. The Hipcricket platform supports US-based broadcasters through radio, TV and print to help drive ratings, listenership and pageviews as well as generating revenue.

  • Hipcricket for Healthcare

    With an in-depth understanding of mobile marketing and the healthcare sector, the Hipcricket platform supports specialized strategies and solutions for Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Biotech, and consumer healthcare (OTC), leveraging our HIPAA compliant mobile marketing technology.

  • Hipcricket for Quick Service Restaurants

    The increased mobility of the consumer provides a huge opportunity for restaurants. Decisions about where to eat are often made spontaneously and on-the-go. Large known QSRs use the Hipcricket platform to increase customer redemption rates of coupons by sending relevant offers at optimal times.

  • Hipcricket for Retail

    Mobile marketing programs are proven to help increase the purchasing frequency of consumers. It adds a level of interaction that has your consumers constantly communicating with your brand.