Mobile Messaging for Restaurants, QSR and Fast Casual

Drive More Customers with Upland Mobile Messaging

Mobile messaging programs are the most effective way for restaurants to communicate with customers and drive them in-store: it has an exponentially higher open and response rate than email and higher reach than mobile apps.

The Upland Mobile Messaging platform allows restaurants to send consumers highly personalized offers based on customer preferences and key CRM data points such as nearest store location. Whether you’re looking to promote time-sensitive offers, drive store traffic, promote new products, or gather customer data, Upland Mobile Messaging provides the tools and expertise restaurants need to convert one-time customers into lifetime patrons.

Open Rate

bar graph comparing email open rates

Response Rate

bar chart comparing email response rate

Conversion Rate

bar chart comparing email conversion rate

Mass Marketing vs. Targeted

Mass media is a ‘spray and pray’ tactic. You’re blasting a large number of eyeballs in hopes that they convert. Capturing data on your mobile subscribers allows for less waste and higher conversion. It’s much easier to send targeted messages with SMS/MMS v. mass media.

Upland Mobile Messaging allows restaurants to easily send personalized messages by creating customer lists, capturing important customer data and delivering messages using sophisticated segmentation/personalization capabilities.

Entice for Responsiveness

Having a slow week? Need to quickly turn sales around? On Wednesday morning, send an aggressive lunch/dinner offer via text. By Wednesday dinner, sales are trending up.

Why choose Upland Mobile Messaging?

  • Personalization (metadata, segmentation, dynamic insertion)
  • One-to-one conversations (stream)
  • Ability to schedule messages
  • Flexible coupon options: SMS text, web, mobile wallet passes, MMS
  • A/B split tests/reporting
  • MMS + rich media campaigns

SMS/MMS: Complement Your App Strategy

Mobile apps appeal to a certain portion of a brand’s customer base — typically your most loyal customers. But what about the rest of your patrons? The most successful apps only penetrate ~25% of a customer base. Not everyone wants to download an app, but these customers still offer significant value. These are important buyers that represent approximately 75% of your customer base, and cannot be ignored. Moreover, they continue to represent the valued millennial customer, who tends to only communicate with brands over mobile and social. By using other effective mobile tactics, you can convert a wider base into just as valuable of an advocate as the individual that downloads (and uses) your app.

pie chart with percentage likelihood of downloading restaurant app

Restaurant Customer Loyalty App Engagement:

Consumer likelihood of downloading an individual restaurant app to smartphone.

Rent vs. Owned Customers

Why should you integrate SMS/MMS into marketing mix? Build a bridge from rented to owned media. Make your marketing dollars work harder by converting foot traffic that’s being driven by other marketing channels (e.g. print, radio, display ads) into mobile subscribers allowing for cost-efficient ongoing customer interactions.


 “The majority of people don’t know what they’re going to have for dinner at 4 in the afternoon, so to be able to connect with a consumer on their device at the right time, to ensure that we’re a part of the consideration set – that’s very important to us.”

– Cynthia Hofmann, VP of Communications at Papa Murphy’s

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