Appointment Reminders

Missed appointments is one of the most common and costly problems healthcare providers face on a daily basis. Not only are your patients not receiving the care that they need, but you are also wasting valuable time and resources waiting for people who don’t show up.

Text messaging is a simple solution that can reduce the rate of your patient no-shows. By sending patients a short text message reminder before every appointment, your organization can save money and improve attendance rates.

How It Works

Upland Mobile Messaging’s text messaging tools will help you reduce missed appointments and the rate of patient no-shows.

calendar icon with bell reminder

Enroll Patients for Reminders

Patients sign up for text message appointment reminders via text message, online form, or in person

mobile phone with text bubble showing doctor stethescope

Send Text Alerts Straight to Patients’ Phones

Patients receive a text reminder about their appointment time and date prior to their appointment

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Reduce Missed Appointments

Patients are more likely to attend their appointments or reschedule, reducing the number of missed appointments and cost to your healthcare organization

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