4 Ideas for Triggered SMS Campaigns

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Team Mobile Messaging

Automated messages generate much higher conversions than one-time send messages due to their immediacy and relevance.

Create triggered SMS campaigns based on a variety of subscriber actions like abandoning their shopping cart. Did you know shoppers abandon nearly 70% of their online shopping carts?

While there are several actions you can create this for, the top automated campaigns we’d recommend are messages based on cart abandonment, browser abandonment, post-purchase, and BOPIS.

  • Cart Abandonment Messages – Remind customers to complete their purchase when they have added an item to their cart but didn’t check out. Use multi-media messages (MMS) – combined with your backend systems – to provide images of the items in their cart and the ability to rebuild the digital cart when they click the link.
  • Browser Abandonment Messages – In a similar style, use MMS to send targeted messages to upsell customers to add a product they viewed online to their cart.
  • Post-Purchase Messages – Send to enh­­­­ance your customer’s post-purchase experience and provide immediate confidence that their order is in hand. Consumers appreciate it when you keep them in the loop!
  • BOPIS & Transactional Messages – Update customers every step of the way regarding their purchase with pick-up notices, order confirmations, tracking updates, or other relevant information.

Besides the dramatically higher conversion rate, triggered SMS communications can drive repeat purchases, higher customer lifetime value (CLTV), and greater brand loyalty.

Case Study: Automated Text Messages Drive Over 72% Conversion Rate

One North American modern home furnishings retailer wanted to grow their subscriber lists for transactional messages and improve the customer experience related to real-time order updates. Additionally, the retailer wanted an easy way to roll out this initiative across all of North America.

The retailer created several transactional messages for their SMS subscribers. The triggers for these messages are at various points of the order status from online order confirmations, order status, delivery info, curbside pick-up, and shipping confirmation messages.

The campaign saw consistent month-over-month growth, with almost 1.3M transactional SMS subscribers total across all programs in the U.S. and Canada. The triggered messages resulted in a 72-77% conversion rate across all of the automated programs. Plus, the campaign received a very low opt-out rate of under .03%.

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