4 SMS Re-engagement Campaigns That Work

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Whether it’s your email audience, app users, or SMS subscribers, lapsed or churned customers are a fact of life. They may  become disengaged through no fault of your own – they may have decided to reduce their reliance on email or globally turned  off app notifications on their device.

The high open rate of SMS (90%+) makes it a great channel alongside your others to re-engage with customers, who may not be responding to your email campaigns anymore. Plus, you can often re-use or repurpose existing email or app campaigns by using SMS as a more trustworthy channel to get the message to the audience.

Here are four SMS re-engagement campaigns that work:

  1. Expiring rewards – Deliver offers or reminders to suggest urgency, such as rewards that are about to expire, points that need redeeming, or a subscription coming to an end. Be sure you make the deadline clear in your text message and include a CTA to take immediate action.
  2. Birthday offers – Birthday offers are a great ‘Surprise and Delight’ tactic to help drive conversations with your inactive customers. Use SMS to deliver a compelling yet easy to redeem offer, such as a discount off their next purchase or a free item during their birthday month.
  3. Subscription win-back – Use the event of a subscription renewal or expiration to create a personalized offer to win the customer back based on unique data such as point-of-sale information, preference center options, or browsing history.
  4. Targeted offers – Tap into your first-party data such as point-of-sale information, preference center submissions, or browsing history. Leverage these data points to provide a tailored offer based on your subscribers’ interests, needs, or past behaviors

To deliver these personalized communications to your customers, start segmenting your audience based on preferences, past actions, or other factors. Then create a personalized message campaign to match this target audience.

Plus, with MMS (multi-media message) it has an increased character count allowing you the opportunity to share even more details about an offer. Include aspects like a media file, image, or even dynamic  coupon codes.

Case Study: National consumer bank increases the adoption of its account notification program with Upland Mobile Messaging

A national consumer bank wanted to increase the adoption of its account notification program for sending real-time and operational messages as well as fraud notifications. The bank discovered that customers who signed up for these notifications had a better customer experience, higher customer satisfaction, and increased retention with the business.

The bank launched an account notification preference center supporting both SMS and email channels. Customers could select which types of notifications they would like to receive and choose their preferred method of communication.

Customers reported a 1:1 preference between SMS and email – typically, this ratio is 1:10 leaning towards email. SMS remained the preferred channel for additional notifications, so not only are customers signing up for the account notifications, but they are also interested in receiving other communications from the bank via SMS.

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