How to Improve Customer Engagement with SMS Mobile Wallets

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Mobile wallets offer many customer engagement opportunities beyond a simple coupon and provide a variety of use cases that savvy marketers can adopt. Since mobile wallets are a dynamic tool, once installed, the business can push updates to the mobile wallet in real-time. This feature means not only can you easily update the images and copy, but you can also provide instant updates to a customer’s reward and loyalty points.

In addition to updating the mobile wallet itself, this mobile tool also has its own notification capabilities to send customers a push notification when you update the pass. Mobile wallets are a cost-effective method therefore to provide an app-like experience for your customers, but without the expense and resources to develop or redevelop a branded mobile app!

Many brands are starting to use mobile wallet passes to improve their customers’ experiences. For instance, museums or event vendors use mobile wallets to store their membership cards, sporting teams and clubs use them to keep season tickets, and retailers leverage mobile passes for loyalty rewards.

On the digital flipside of your mobile wallet, you can include all the additional information you want, such as promotional offers, links to your website or social media sites, maps, contact info, and more. Be sure to promote your mobile wallet in all channels, including email, SMS, mobile app, and social.

Case Study: Family clothing store boosts revenue from mobile wallet-based promotions

A North American national family clothing store wanted to increase mobile wallet subscriptions, boost revenue from mobile wallet-based promotions, and more accurately track SMS redemptions.

The retailer sent out a mobile wallet coupon for 50% off their purchase – only valid for three days. They then promoted this 50% off discount across SMS, email, online, and in-store displays across all their stores. Employees were also encouraged to share the coupon as well via SMS, email, and Facebook Messenger.

The campaign drove incredible results. They discovered that SMS generated over 33% of in-store net sales and 20% of online net sales. The average order size of in-store sales from SMS was more than 2x greater than those from email, and SMS customers spent 16% more per online order than email customers. The retailer also grew their United States SMS subscriber list by 32% and their Canadian list by over 46%.

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