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When it comes to planning a retail mobile marketing program, the good news is the bad news: there’s practically an unlimited number of ways retailers can use mobile to augment their customer communication strategy. “Good” because limitless possibility means well thought out and executed strategies will return significant value. “Bad” because settling on a starting point can be difficult.

This webinar discusses exactly how to differentiate “good” from “bad” and reveals what it takes for retail mobile marketers to be successful. As with all webinars from the Waterfall Industry Insights series, the presentation includes an analysis of stats, case studies, and actionable next steps for effective implementation.

You can view the recorded retail mobile marketing webinar on the Waterfall Vimeo archive or download the presentation slides from Slideshare.

Stay tuned for the next Industry Insights webinar from Waterfall, which will dissect how Email Service Providers can integrate SMS into an email platform. Feel free to catch up on some preparatory reading until then and click here to stay informed about all updates Waterfall.

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