Upland Objectif Lune Announces Renewed Strategic Partnership with OneXillium

December 8, 2023 3 minute read

Team Objectif Lune

Partnership delivers omnichannel technology to optimize transactional and promotional digital processes

Objectif Lune has announced a strategic partnership with OneXillium, a premier enterprise information and digital print service provider based in the Netherlands. This partnership further supports Objectif Lune’s commitment to partnering with global organizations to help their customers implement digital transformation technology.

“We now have the ability to automate the composition of complex paper documents for large volumes and make them available for automated delivery via web, email, and mobile platforms,” said OneXillium Sales Director Roberto van den Heuvel. “In our overall offering, this means we can help companies produce more sophisticated paper documents where they are still needed, replace paper with digital media where desired, and enable the digital transformation of documents. And do this in a secure way, without companies having to change their existing systems.”

Objectif Lune’s partnership with OneXillium strengthens their long-standing reputation for its enterprise information management services, providing more support to an even larger part of the document lifecycle for OneXillium’s customers.

“We are delighted to revitalize our strong 25-year relationship with OneXillium and advance to the next chapter of partnership by welcoming them to our global partner network,” said Matt Irish, VP Partner Sales at Upland Software. “This relationship supports growing customer demands for future-focused technology that enables strategic digital transformation initiatives. We’re eager to help users worldwide achieve their goals to remain competitive in this evolving market.”

The partnership creates additional value for users of Objectif Lune and OneXillium by leveraging the knowledge of specialized partners and their proximity to those users. With this renewed and expanded partnership, OneXillium will focus on contact and support for the customers working with OL Connect, Upland Software’s document composition and automation solution.

Learn more about Objectif Lune and request a demo by visiting https://uplandsoftware.com/objectiflune/.


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About OneXillium

OneXillium employs more than 80 people and has three Dutch offices: Woerden, Amsterdam and Maastricht. OneXillium operates in digital services, helping companies work more efficiently, productively and flexibly, boosting their competitiveness. As a strategic partner, OneXillium takes special care of the secure establishment and safeguarding of digital processes by combining knowledge of the most powerful solutions currently used by multinationals with personalized support for large and medium-sized enterprises.

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