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Amplify productivity and modernize communications

OL Connect automates processes and delivers personalized and interactive multi-channel communications.

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Streamline processes and surpass client expectations

Objectif Lune’s powerful document composition and automation technology provides the financial industry with an optimized solution that interacts with existing systems to banish integration bottlenecks and keep businesses running smoothly and effectively. OL Connect helps financial firms to increase productivity with smarter internal systems and enhance the customer experience with the ability to send customized and interactive messaging via preferred channels.


Objectiflune Superior Customer experience

Delight customers with a superior experience.

OL Connect enables the creation and distribution of personalized and relevant communications.

  • Build templates for various outputs with a user-friendly interface
  • Deliver tailored, interactive, and multi-channel communications including print, email, web, and SMS
  • Utilize data from any system or source to customize messages with dynamic text, images, charts, barcodes, and more
  • Easily distribute personalized statements, letters, promotions, or reminders via customer-preferred channels
  • Drive client engagement with custom billing, hyperlinks, and action buttons
  • Prompt follow-up processes based on user interactions to enhance customer service



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Increase efficiency and maintain security and compliance.

OL Connect keeps work flowing effectively while reducing overhead, minimizing security risks, and ensuring compliance.

  • Digitize and automate manual tasks to simplify document workflows, certify accuracy, and lower administration costs
  • Seamlessly integrate with existing systems and third-party applications to manage, process, share, and archive data and documents
  • Apply corporate standards and guidelines for creating customer correspondence to preserve brand identity
  • Comply with privacy, security, and data management regulations
  • Prevent security breaches by handling processes internally and eliminating outsourcing

OL Connect enhances various documents

  • Member statements
  • Financial policies
  • Home loan documentation
  • Customer communications
  • Bond certificates
  • Policies
  • Claims
Ol Connect Enhances

Process automation empowers financial firms to get more done

Learn how OL Connect transforms business operations, improves customer communications, and provides secure and compliant solutions for financial institutions.

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Simplify daily work

Digitize and automate workflows to maximize employee productivity. Eliminate manual intervention, error-prone tasks, stacks of paper, and missing files.

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Flexible design tools and delivery

Create attractive, concise, modern statements and correspondence for customers across multiple channels without loss of context and continuity.

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Powerful data integration

Manage all your content and data from any source, line of business, or legacy systems. Easily populate documents and workflows with captured data.

High Volume Printing Icon
High-volume printing made easy

Ensure print operations can handle high-volume workloads with minimal error or print only what you need to reduce waste.

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Deliver personalized services

Interactive and tailored communications are available anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

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Save time and money

Financial firms can rest easy knowing that the hundreds of documents streaming through their facilities are accurately filed, processed, and organized.

Reliable products. Real results.

Large Commercial Bank Success Story Module Image

Objectif Lune - EN

Commercial bank uses OL Connect to streamline workflows and enrich customer communications

This busy financial firm needed a solution to integrate with their current systems to enhance productivity and client correspondence while adhering to strict compliance regulations.

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Insurance Broker Success Story Module Image

Objectif Lune - EN

Insurance broker advances operations and expands to digital communications with OL Connect

This active insurance company needed a solution to integrate with their existing ERP system to boost print operations, enhance document design, and provide multi-channel communications to customers.

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