Maximize efficiency and advance operations

OL Connect helps the manufacturing industry automate document processes to increase productivity, minimize overhead, and reduce time to market.

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Work smarter with automation

Objectif Lune equips the manufacturing industry with a versatile solution that interacts with existing systems to enable real-time visibility of orders and production. Our OL Connect software helps to streamline document processes, eliminate manual intervention, and phase out error-prone order management and tracking procedures. OL Connect empowers businesses to gain efficiency, improve quality control, generate cost savings, and provide exceptional customer service with digital tools for transactional document handling.

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Effortlessly manage and optimize processes.

Drive efficiency and accuracy for transactional document handling with OL Connect.

  • Transform existing manual procedures into automated document workflows and eliminate labor-intensive tasks to enhance productivity and cut costs
  • Track and report product progression during manufacturing through a web dashboard with the availability of real-time order status to expedite order fulfillment
  • Remove paper dependency and inaccuracies associated with misplaced or lost order paperwork
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Gain control over crucial business documents.

OL Connect simplifies document management and compliance.

  • Securely handle, route, and store transactional documents to electronic document management (EDM) and archiving systems
  • Ensure speed of delivery with fast tracking, retrieval, revising, and archival of documents to accelerate response times and improve customer service
  • Interact with third-party systems and applications to easily collect digital signatures or enable e-invoicing to quicken cash flow
  • Comply with industry standards and regulations

OL Connect enhances various documents

  • Invoices
  • Statements
  • Purchase orders
  • Delivery notes
  • Progression reports
  • Product labels
  • Product guides
  • Order confirmations
  • Bills of lading
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Digital transformation empowers manufacturers to get more done

Learn how OL Connect transforms day-to-day operations, improves communications, and helps boost performance and revenue.

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Accelerate processes

Banish time-consuming manual tasks and paper-based systems, free up resources, eliminate issues associated with lost documents, and get to market faster.

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Expand visibility and control

Easily view and manage order and fulfillment status, allow user permissions, and add reporting on a unified platform to expedite transactions.

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Improve business performance and revenue

Apply productive supply chain procedures to speed up order completion and shorten the order-to-cash cycle.

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Objectif Lune - EN

Window manufacturer provides superior customer service

This US-based manufacturing firm used OL Connect to enhance operations, gain order status visibility, and improve customer service response times.

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Objectif Lune - EN

Construction company optimizes document processes

This UK-based construction business leveraged OL Connect to amplify staff productivity, optimize business operations, and maintain compliance with industry regulations.

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