The Power of AI-Assisted Enterprise Search

Download the eBook now to learn how AI-assisted enterprise search saves time, increases productivity, improves ROI and ROV, and promotes employee satisfaction.

AI-assisted enterprise search saves knowledge management workers valuable time and energy when searching for documents and data. Workers around the world waste an enormous amount of time searching for documents and data across multiple internal and external sources.

Upland BA Insight provides the ability to deliver a unified AI-assisted enterprise search experience that includes results from all of your content sources. Check out the eBook to learn how AI-assisted enterprise search saves time, increases productivity, improves ROI and ROV, and promotes employee satisfaction.

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SmartHub, ConnectivityHub, and AutoClassifier provide a transformative, AI-assisted search experience to your organization and deliver multiple benefits to IT organizations, including:

  • Secure, modular, plug and play architecture for flexible deployments
  • Flexibility to choose (and change) search engines and AI platforms
  • Speed and ease of deployment
  • Mobile-ready search experience

AI-assisted Search 

BA Insight’s portfolio supports five search engines (Azure Search, Elasticsearch, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Search, and Solr); four AI platforms (Rasa, Microsoft Cognitive Services, and Amazon AI); and it can run in the environment of your choice (on-premise, AWS, Azure Cognitive Search, etc).


At the heart of our AI-assisted enterprise search software, SmartHub enables you to deliver an internet-like, personalized, and highly relevant search experience to your users. Provide connected and actionable search experiences using features such as analytics, AI, intelligent query processing, and personalization to achieve maximum flexibility and scalability using the AI platform(s) and search engine(s) of your choice. Learn more.


BA Insight covers it all. With support for 90+ connectors and growing, ConnectivityHub is our highly scalable, purpose-built platform upon which we build indexing/ingestion connectors for business and enterprise systems to connect with your choice of Amazon Kendra, Amazon OpenSearch Service, Azure Cognitive Search, Elasticsearch, Microsoft Search, SharePoint Online, SharePoint On-premise, Solr and more. Learn more.


At the heart of any good search is superior metadata. Through integrated AI, rules-based tagging, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and text analytics, AutoClassifier automatically extracts metadata from documents, databases, and other records—removing the burden of tagging from users for both new and existing content. Learn more.

These are powerful search tools on their own and provide an amazing better-together platform when combined. To fully appreciate how this can help your organization soar, we would love to provide you with a complimentary demonstration—using your own data.

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