Why RO Innovation

Activate Your Customers' Voices throughout the Buyer's Journey

As the critical hub between your sales, marketing, and customer advocacy teams, Upland RO Innovation helps organizations simplify reference management and include trusted customer voices in every stage of the buyer’s journey. With targeted customer references and marketing content, your revenue teams can break through the noise to influence buyers and increase win rates.

Engage Customer Advocates

Potential buyers want to hear success stories from their peers and current customers, so they know that the time, money, and energy they invest in your solution is worth the cost. The sooner and more often you can share happy customer voices with potential buyers, the better.

Shorten Sales Cycles

Putting the right customer references in your customers’ hands at the right time provides trusted peer validation, which helps expedite decisions. Meanwhile, tracking and real-time intelligence help your teams move opportunities along faster.

Scale Your Program

Whether you are just starting a customer reference program or looking to take it to the next level, RO Innovation is built to scale with your needs. Our expert professional services and education teams are also available to share best practices and provide guidance at every stage.

Navigate an Intuitive Interface

The top reason we replace competitor solutions is that organizations are seeing low adoption rates for their existing solutions. Ease-of-use is the number one driver in user adoption, and it is a key component of our solution. RO Innovation combines robust functionality with a streamlined, simple interface and controls.

Integrate with Leading CRMs

RO Innovation integrates seamlessly with leading CRMs, such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. Users without CRM licenses can access RO Innovation directly. Conversely, regular CRM users can interact with RO Innovation and source references and content without ever having to leave their CRM.

Access Innovative Thought Leaders

RO Innovation brings the latest best practices and thought leadership to your customer reference program by giving you direct access to our team of experts as well as our industry-leading customers. We also work closely with our customers when defining our product roadmap and releasing new enhancements.

Ready to see RO Innovation in action?