Why RO Innovation

Activate Customer Advocates at Every Stage of the Customer Lifecycle

At the center of true sales enablement is the advocacy of a satisfied customer who is ready and willing to help you win new business. Put that advocacy to work in the buyer’s journey, and those happy customers become your most effective sales assets.

RO Innovation’s platform is the critical hub between your sales, marketing, and customer advocacy areas. No other system simultaneously integrates sales and marketing workflows, customer intelligence, and relevant content and puts it in the hands of sellers at the right time in the buyer’s cycle – all while giving you the data and analytics to prove real-time effectiveness of content and attribute new revenue driven by customer advocacy.

Leverage Customer Advocates

The opinions and experiences of your current customers are a driving force of overall revenue. Potential buyers want to hear success stories from their peers. They want to know that the time, money, and energy they invest in your solution is worth the cost. The sooner and more frequently you can leverage the voice of your happy customers with potential buyers, the better.

Shorten Your Sales Cycle

Putting the right sales materials and customer references in your customers’ hands at the right time gives them valuable information that caters to their buying journey, provides validation directly from peers they value and trust, and ultimately helps lead to a quicker decision. Meanwhile, tracking capabilities and real-time intelligence helps your sales and marketing teams move opportunities along faster and more effectively.

Scale Your Existing Program

Whether you’re just starting a customer marketing program, or looking to take it to the next level and make it world class, the RO Innovation platform is built to scale with your needs. Add features and functionality as you grow, or scale your current set; either way, the platform is configurable for all shapes and sizes of customer reference and sales enablement programs.

Forecast Sales & Increase Close Rates

Sales enablement applications like RO Innovation help companies target content to buyers’ direct needs, increasing close rates. With engagement tracking capabilities and intelligence on the digital body language of buyers, your team can personalize communications with the most relevant content and forecast sales more accurately.

Improve Sales & Marketing Alignment

Companies that integrate sales and marketing outperform those that don’t by as much as 24% in average revenue growth. When marketing and sales are aligned around the entire lead to revenue process, overall team effectiveness increases. RO Innovation has the necessary toolsets for both teams to work cohesively and ultimately drive revenue.

Accelerate Onboarding Efforts

Scale your sales organization to generate more revenue with fewer resources. RO Innovation harnesses the success of your top sales representatives and makes it repeatable with the necessary training, coaching tools, recommended content, and knowledge to increase newer sales reps’ confidence and ramp them up to their full selling capacity faster.

Navigate a User Friendly Interface

The number one reason we replace our competitors is low adoption rates of an organization’s existing solution. Ease of use is the number one driver to user adoption, and it is a key component of our solution. Gone are the days of compromising between usability versus capability.

Integrate Existing Technologies

RO Innovation seamlessly integrates with CRM solutions, Marketing Automation platforms, Channel and Customer Portals, and many other technology solutions. Our ability to work in an integrated or “stand-alone” environment provides our customers the flexibility they need and ability to scale their program long term.

Access Innovative Thought Leaders

RO Innovation continues to bring the latest best practices and thought leadership to your program by giving you direct access to our experienced team of experts and our customer base. We also work closely with customers to identify and build new innovative features for the platform with our agile development strategy.

See the power of customer advocacy management in action