• Reference Management

    Maximize Your Customers’ Voices

    As your reference program’s central database, RO Innovation simplifies and automates reference management. Better leverage your customers’ voices in every stage of the buyer’s journey.

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  • Content Management

    Increase Content Effectiveness

    RO Innovation streamlines content management and storage, so your teams have easy access to accurate, applicable, and current content and customer proof points, such as case studies and quotes.

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  • Sales Ennoblement Module

    Reach New Levels of Success

    RO Innovation’s Sales Enablement module enhances CRM opportunity records by adding links to the most relevant customer references, content, and coaching materials. Build trust to win business faster.

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  • Partner Enablement Module

    Break Through the Noise

    Increase coordination with your channel partners and provide clear effective resources with RO Innovation. Break through the clutter and encourage your channel partners to sell more of your solutions.

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Flexibility to Suit Even Complex Needs

We understand that your customer reference and sales enablement programs will evolve and grow along with your company’s changing business needs. Moreover, different team members will use and interact with RO Innovation in different ways. To maximize flexibility, RO Innovation offers three key implementation options.

CRM Integration

This option is best for companies that want their marketing automation, CRM, and customer reference solutions all working in lock-step. This approach also simplifies tracking and reporting on the revenue impacted by your customer reference program.

Stand Alone Access

This option is best for companies that have teams who need access to RO Innovation but do not have CRM licenses, such as customer support or channel partners. This approach is also great for companies that prefer to run their customer reference program independently from their CRM.

Hybrid Approach

A hybrid integration offers select users access directly through their CRM and provides other users access via RO Innovation’s stand-alone interface. This approach often provides the most flexibility.

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