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Activate the Power of Happy Customers with the Ease of Sales Enablement

RO Innovation empowers some of the world’s leading brands to simultaneously activate the right content with the right voice of the customer at the right stage of the buyer’s journey, at scale. Our customer reference and sales enablement solution simplifies the management of customer references, turning the advocacy of satisfied customers into highly effective sales assets. The platform streamlines your peer-to-peer selling efforts and provides real-time analytics on new revenue driven by customer advocacy and buyer engagement. Plus, our expert professional services team is also available to assist with everything from training and technical needs to in-depth customer reference management and strategy sessions.

Configurable Home Screen

Maximize productivity by tailoring your home screen to streamline access to the tools and activities you care about most.

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Review and Approval Workflows

Simplify customer reference request approvals with automated, multi-step workflows for faster fulfillment and better protected customer relationships.

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Custom Microsites

Send microsites that can be pre-built or created on-the-fly to package and present sales and marketing collateral to prospects. Track engagement in real-time to help your team close more business, faster.

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Real-Time Notifications

Receive real-time email notifications supporting workflows within the RO Innovation platform, including notifications when a new customer reference nomination or reference request is submitted, as well as when prospects engage with sent sales-related materials.

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Key Integrations

Get your marketing automation, CRM, and other customer advocacy technology platforms all working in lock-step. This is the fastest way to see the return on your investment through the entire customer acquisition and retention funnel.

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Robust Analytics

Gain 360-degree visibility into your customer reference program, including user adoption, content usage, and beyond. Make data-driven decisions to increase productivity, identify trends and opportunities, refine strategy, and demonstrate your team’s value.

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