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Activate Your Customers' Voices to Drive Success

RO Innovation empowers some of the world’s leading brands to deliver the most effective marketing content and customer references at every stage of the buyer’s journey. The solution streamlines peer-to-peer selling and provides real-time analytics to track revenue influenced and help companies refine their reference program strategies. Everything is backed by our commitment to 100% customer success and an expert professional services team.

Win More with Upland RO Innovation

Upland RO Innovation helps organizations simplify reference management and include trusted customer voices in every stage of the buyer’s journey. With targeted customer references and marketing content, your revenue teams can break through the noise to influence buyers and increase win rates.

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Customizable Home Screen

Maximize productivity by tailoring your home screen to streamline access to the information and functionality you care about most.

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Automatic Approval Workflows

Simplify customer reference requests with automated, multi-step approval workflows. Complete requests faster and ensure you share only approved references.

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Custom Microsites

Send links to microsites that present the best content in context. Track content engagement in real-time so you know the optimal time to follow-up with prospects.

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CRM Integrations

Maximize RO Innovation’s value by integrating with a leading CRM, such as Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics. Interact with RO Innovation and access the most relevant references and content without leaving your CRM.

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Robust Analytics

Gain visibility into customer reference program KPIs, including user adoption, content usage, and revenue influenced. Make data-driven decisions to increase productivity, identify opportunities, and prove your team’s value.

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