5 Ballot Ideas Designed Just for Radio

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Liz Huff Senior Director, Customer Success

Best Local Concert Scene

Are you getting ready for concert season? Consider a ballot all about the best local concert hot spots. Your ballot could feature a wide range of categories including Best Outdoor Concert Venue, Best Pre-show Dinner, and Best Bar to Hit Up After. Not only is this a great way to engage your audience, but it’s also ideal for pitching sponsorship opportunities to local businesses.

Local Concert Scene Ballot

Battle of the Bands

Nothing inspires a community more than a classic Battle of the Bands competition. While you could keep this simple, by seeding your ballot with various bands featured on your station, you could turn this into a major station event, by having bands perform on-air before adding them to your ballot. Consider having a variety of ballot categories such as Best Local Group, Best Live Performance, or even Best Band Style.

Battle of the Bands Ballot

Best of the Station

Your station does a lot more than just music. A Best of the Station ballot lets you highlight all aspects of your company. Categories could be created to feature the station as a whole (such as Best Morning Show or Best Annual Station Event) or to highlight individual station shows (Best Guest on ‘J&J in the Afternoon’ or Favorite Segment on ‘The Morning Crawl.’)

Best of the Station Ballot

Best Music of a Specific Time Period

Whether you’re looking for a way to tie into your 80s Throwback Weekend or just want to spark up a bit of fun debate amongst your listeners, people are passionate about their favorite music. You can make your ballot as simple or as detailed as you want by including categories from Best Musical Group of the 1970s and Best Song of 2001 to Best Drummer of the 1990s or Best Female Lead Singer of 1985.

Music Through the Years Ballot

Best of the Year

As your year comes a close, why not highlight all the big music and culture events over the last 12 months. While your ballot could be strictly music-themed with categories for Top Song, Best New Group, and Biggest Music News Story, you could also branch out into other categories such as Best Fashion Trend, Most Popular Meme, or Biggest News Event. (Want to run something a little more often? Consider making this a Best of the Week or Best of the Month ballot.)

Best Song of 2016 Ballot

Whether your station is more heavily reliant on music or talk, you can find a ballot idea to work for you. By including an email opt-in on you registration form, selling various sponsorships and enhanced listings, and promoting your ballot on-air, you’ll produce outstanding results for your station.

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