Success Story

Real Estate Quiz Collects Valuable Data for Sponsor

CHYM-FM leverages survey questions, quiz questions, and an opt-in to drive measurable results for local real estate company

Case Study Highlights

  • 360+ entries
  • 40+ looking to buy/sell in the next two years
  • 40+ opt-ins for sponsor
  • $1,500 revenue for station

The Idea

At CHYM-FM, we have seen the advantages of running digital promotions. Located in Kitchener, Ontario, our station was looking for a new idea for a local real estate company, Coldwell Banker Nuemann. We hoped to create a campaign that would not only drive measurable results for the advertiser, but also secure additional revenue for our station.

The Execution

We created a quiz all about the local real estate market. We figured this would be a topic that would really interest local listeners who were in the market, or soon to be in the market, for buying and selling a home.

chym real estate quiz

While the main point of the quiz was designed to educate listeners on the home buying process, we also incorporated a couple of questions within the quiz to give us a bit more information about the users as well.

chym real estate quiz 2

To drive measurable results for Coldwell Banker, we leveraged our registration page. We added an email opt-in and an optional Facebook Like box. We also added two survey questions – one about household income and one about when the user may be looking to buy or sell their home.

chym real estate quiz 3

We even optimized the outcome page for the sponsor. Here we included a link to Coldwell Banker Neumann’s website where user could download a report or take an interactive online evaluation.

chym real estate quiz 4

To drive people to the contest, we leveraged a variety of display ads on the CHYM website and the Rogers network. Plus, to incentivize listeners even more, we incorporated a prize of a $250 gift card to the local mall to one lucky quiz taker.

cyhm real estate quiz ad

The Results

By the end of the contest, we’d been able to collect some great results for the advertiser. The quiz received over 360 entries from 240 unique participants. The quiz added 40 people to the real estate company’s database and identified nearly 40 people looking to buy or sell their home within the next two years.

The sales package we put together for Coldwell Banker allowed us to drive in $1,500 in revenue for our station. The quiz itself brought in $1,000 and the display ads on the Rogers network was an additional $500. This promotion was so successful, it’s already bringing us new business in our other markets as well.

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