Success Story

Hospital Educates Community + Station Secures $170K Revenue

WJXT-TV creates multi-media campaign to educate audience and promote hospital’s initiatives.

Second Street Award – Campaign of the Year

Case Study Highlights

  • $170,000+ sponsorship revenue
  • Robust multi-media campaign
  • 12-month, recurring-revenue campaign
  • Already renewed for next year at higher investment!

Editor’s Note: Kelly joined us at the Second Street Summit to share more about this recurring campaign. Listen in to learn even more about this fantastic WJXT success!


The Idea

WJXT-TV is a DMA 41 station out of Jacksonville, Florida. Our local hospital, Baptist Health Jacksonville, approached us looking for a creative way to promote their new health blog.

We decided a recurring quiz campaign would be a perfect solution – an engaging way to drive awareness and educate users at the same time! In addition, we could couple this with other elements to even better deliver on the sponsor’s goals.

The Execution

Each month, we took the hospital’s blog content and created a quiz based on one of the hot topics for the month – the flu, measles, pregnancy, knowing the difference between a cold and allergies, strokes, etc.

heart health quiz from WJXT

As the Coronavirus pandemic hit the country, we knew we had to adjust the content to address this global issue. We switched our originally planned monthly theme to a “How Much Do You Know About Coronavirus?” trivia quiz for an engaging way to educate our audience. (Did you know Second Street has more than three dozen COVID-19 turnkey contests?)

COVID quiz from WJXT

With each monthly quiz we share a native article on our WJXT website to promote the campaign. Creating the quiz with content from the hospital’s blog makes things more efficient for our team.

We also posted and ran ads from both the hospital’s Facebook and our station’s Facebook, sent email blasts to our promotions opt-in list, and ran promotional spots on-air. To encourage even more participation, each month one lucky quiz entrant won a $25 gift card.

Quiz invitation email from WJXT

The Results

In our first year of this quiz campaign we collected around 2,000 entries and over 1,500 opt-ins for the hospitals email database.

But our biggest victory came from the revenue.

We generated over $170,000 ($16,000 per month) in sponsorship revenue from this annual, recurring revenue campaign. Baptist Health Jacksonville has already renewed through the next year, which we repackaged and sold for $200,000 ($17,000 per month!) We can’t wait to see how the campaign continues to grow and how we can adapt this model to other advertising campaigns.

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