Success Story

Grocery Giveaway Collects 4,500 Opt-Ins for Perkins Motor Plex

Plus, the promotion generated $10K in revenue for WPSD.

Case Study Highlights

  • 4,598 email opt-ins for the advertiser
  • 4,156 new Facebook Likes for the advertiser (without a Like-gate!)
  • $10K in revenue for WPSD-TV

The Idea

WPSD-TV is a DMA 83 television station in Paducah, Kentucky. We have been working with advertisers on online contests since 2011.

Inspired by a case study we heard at the Second Street Promotions Summit, we put together a grocery giveaway to drive revenue and boost engagement during the November sweeps.

The Execution

We worked with a local used car dealership, Perkins Motor Plex, to put together the Food for Friends grocery giveaway.

The contest gave people a chance to win $250 worth of groceries for themselves and $250 for a friend. Plus, WPSD and Perkins Motor Plex provided a list of area food pantries and community kitchens to the winner, and we donated an additional $250 to the organization of their choice.

Prizes were awarded every day for the 15 days the contest was live.

To promote the contest, we posted regular updates to our Facebook Page featuring the winners:


Each time a new winner was chosen, we added a new face to the graphic, and posted it to the Perkins Motor Plex and WPSD Facebook Pages during the promotion. Individual winners were featured in posts to our timeline:


The Results

Perkins Motor Plex paid $10,000 for the promotion, as well as put up the money for the gift cards, which totaled $7,500.

The contest received 7,235 entries, and collected 4,598 opt-ins for Perkins Motor Plex ( that’s a 57% opt-in rate). They also collected 4,156 new Facebook Likes – without a Like-gate!

Perkins loved the promotion and have already committed to next year! The community had an overwhelmingly positive response as well.