Success Story

Father’s Day Sweeps Delivers Hot Leads for Sponsor

Bounceback coupon and data-driving survey questions lead to 20% increase in sales and $30,000 in revenue for lawn equipment store

Second Street Award – Best Advertiser Campaign Finalist

Case Study Highlights

  • 20% increase in monthly sales for sponsor
  • Bounceback coupon leads to 16 direct sales
  • 840+ opt-ins for sponsor
  • $4,000 revenue for station

The Idea

WXFL-FM reached out to Oakley Napa Lawn & Garden, a local lawn equipment and auto parts store, about sponsoring a contest with the station. The store’s number one goal for the contest was to increase sales. They also were interested in growing their database and learning more about their consumers.

The Execution

With Father’s Day approaching, this seemed like a great opportunity for a sweepstakes. WXFL worked with Oakley Napa to put together the ultimate Father’s Day prize pack. This included items like a weed eater, a tool set, and a remote control drone – all together valued at over $1,000.

wxfl dad mower sweeps 4

To learn more about their potential customers, the station included two survey questions about their lawn and lawn mower preferences. WXFL also included an email opt-in for the store, so that they could contact consumers based on the results of the survey questions.

wxfl dad mower sweeps

Wanting to deliver on Oakley Napa’s main goal of sales, WXFL sent an email to all users who participated in the contest. This email included a bounceback coupon for $10 off a $50 purchase at the store. Not only would this drive traffic to the store, but the team would also be able to track how many coupons were used – that means measurable results.

wxfl dad mower sweeps bounceback coupon

The Results

By the end of the contest, 1,249 people had entered and 844 people signed up for the Oakley Napa email list. Of the entrants, 47% said their lawn was over an acre, and 61% said they preferred a riding lawnmower.

While the bounceback coupon drove tons of foot traffic and lead to a 20% increase in monthly sales, Oakley Napa said the biggest reward of the campaign was the valuable list of hot leads they received based on the survey questions.

Following the campaign, the store sent out a targeted email with a special offer of $100 off a $2,000 lawn mower. They sold 16 mowers from this coupon alone. That’s over $30,000 in revenue for Oakley Napa on top of the revenue generated from the first bounceback coupon.

This was one of WXFL’s biggest successes to date. The station landed $4,000 in sponsorship revenue, and also secured future business with Oakley Napa.

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