Term of the Week: Email Conversion

Welcome to ‘Term of the Week’, explaining what you need to know in 100 words or so.

Conversion is a widely used term in modern marketing, but what does it mean for email? An email conversion is the desired result of a call-to-action.

B2C brands can track email conversions by linking ecommerce sales to an email, using code on the completion page on their website. At Adestra we have a piece of technology called Conversion Tracking to help you with that.

If you’re a B2B brand, your desired result might be booking a demo. Because the sales cycle is much longer in B2B you can’t always link a sale directly to an email. But you can link it to a series of crucial actions preceding it, or attribute the sale to the campaign at least in part.

If you’re a charity, an email conversion could be registering to be a volunteer or donating some money. It all depends on what your call-to-action is.

So an email conversion is the completion of a goal of the email campaign (i.e. purchase, download, etc.). But in order to get it right, you need to have clear goals in your campaigns.

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