Top 5 Benefits of Online Faxing Software for 2024

Cloud faxing software is technology that permits the users to send or receive faxes using the internet instead of using a traditional fax machine and telephone line. Using a cloud fax service users can send content anywhere in the world from any internet-enabled device simply by logging into the cloud service on the web—just as if the user were sending an email. Fax files are securely stored and transmitted through online servers without the need for any special hardware. Online faxing transmits the document via the web; storing it safely in the cloud until the correct recipient downloads and opens it.

Top 5 faxing software features diagram

As our digital landscape continues to accelerate more organizations are finding that a cloud fax service is the ideal solution to replace legacy fax systems for a myriad of reasons: the ability to automate time-consuming manual tasks enhanced data security protocols seamless integrations with existing business systems and dramatic cost savings to name a few. Let’s look at the Top Faxing Software features of 2024.

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Enhanced Security and Compliance

Encryption and data security in cloud fax services

Businesses belonging to industries like finance legal and healthcare use online faxing services to transfer confidential data as it is more secure than email. An emailed document goes through multiple servers before reaching the recipient increasing the probability of it being compromised or intercepted. Alternatively web-based fax solutions have strong encryption for every transmission preventing any unauthorized access.

Diagram of Security and Compliance

Compliance with industry regulations

When it comes to data security there are specific laws and regulations that industries must comply with to ensure business continuity. For example privacy laws like the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLB Act or GLBA) are very important for the healthcare and finance sectors.

Faxing software services like InterFAX are generally compliant with these laws unlike most email service providers. When documents are sent or received via online faxing they are stored securely in the cloud instead of being automatically printed and potentially left unattended on a physical fax machine.

Users must log in to send or receive the faxes which prevents the physical copy that might contain confidential information such as Social Security numbers or even credit card information from accidentally being picked up in a stack of papers and landing in the wrong hands.

Withstanding data breaches and unauthorized access

Web-based fax systems mitigate the risk of data breaches by employing encryption protocols to secure data transmission ensuring that faxed documents are encrypted in transit and at rest.

A good online faxing provider will have robust safety measures in place such as multi-factor authentication to verify users’ identities and prevent unauthorized access. Additionally centralized management and access controls allow administrators to monitor and regulate user permissions reducing the likelihood of inadvertent data exposure.

Regular security updates and maintaining compliance with industry standards further fortifies faxing software against emerging threats and safeguards sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands.

Increased Accessibility and Flexibility 

Accessing fax documents from anywhere 

By utilizing cloud fax services, users can send and receive faxes online through email, a native web interface, mobile devices, or other digital scanning tools. Instead of being tied to one device in a specific office or location, online faxing is entirely mobile. This flexibility makes it simple to safely access whether users are working at home or in the office. 

Upgrading from legacy fax processes to faxing software enables remote employees to send or receive documents and access the critical information they need to keep services moving. In an era driven by innovation, users have high expectations for quick results, no one should have to wait near a fax machine when you can send and receive faxes instantly from your desktop or mobile device. 

Integrating with other platforms and applications 

Workers in most industries access dozens of systems each week just to get their work done. That’s why finding online fax services that integrate seamlessly with the systems users are already familiar with is a crucial component to a successful cloud fax service’s roll out.  

A good enterprise cloud system doesn’t just provide the option of document exchange; it goes above and beyond that. These systems need to have the ability to easily integrate with the existing systems like accounts, customer relationship management systems (CRMs), and enterprise resource planning systems (ERPs) to optimize the overall processes. It should provide multiple application programming interface (API) tools, and native integrations as a part of its solution.  

Good faxing software integrates with many leading applications across industries, so organizations can streamline secure communications and get down to business. That means your users can fax directly from CRM, ERP, and EMR/EHR systems such as Epic, Salesforce, email providers, and more. The right online fax service should also offer a Developer API to customize an online faxing solution to fit your organization’s specific needs.  

Facilitating remote work and collaboration  

For a workforce on the move, the expectations of having access to required systems and technology from anywhere are growing, and organizations must deliver on an “access from anywhere” approach to technology to help their busy staff stay on top of work and ensure it flows smoothly, securely, and reliably.  

Online faxing software already enables users to easily send and receive faxes through email, the native web interface, and other scanning devices. Effective faxing software should be web-optimized for tablets and smartphones, allowing users to enjoy the convenience, accessibility, and safety of cloud fax from anywhere. 

  • Access intelligent mobile document capture to OCR, convert, classify, and extract data from faxes and index them into dynamic digital workflows 
  • Ensure documents captured from a mobile device look professional, to automatically grab corners, flattens edges, despeckles and deskews docs, and enhance images with AI-powered quality control 
  • Enable powerful workflow tools to automate fax routing, reception, and delivery. 

Cost-Effectiveness and Scalability 

Reduction of hardware and maintenance costs 

Predictability and transparency are necessary considerations for any business regarding cost management. One of the major things to look for when selecting a cloud fax service provider is the pricing model. There can be various models like pay-per-page, pay-per-user, or flat rates. Hidden costs like overage charges, set-up costs and long-term contracts also need to be considered. Choose the appropriate pricing model depending on your predicted usage of the faxing software system. 

A cloud fax provider with a flexible pricing model allows users to choose their level of commitment by the fax volume their business requires. That means organizations can scale up or down with no contract commitments to align with growth, tackle “busy seasons” and tackle business as it evolves. Flexible pricing packages help you adapt to your business’s communications needs, and payment is as simple as using a credit card or purchasing credits. 

Scalability to accommodate organizational growth 

Whether handling sensitive patient records in healthcare or confidential financial documents in banking, the right fax services should provide adaptable and scalable solutions tailored to support growth across multifaceted industries. 

Diagram of Cost effectiveness example

A cloud-based fax infrastructure allows seamless expansion, effortlessly adjusting to increasing fax volume or user demands. This flexibility ensures uninterrupted service delivery amid business expansion, which is vital for businesses with evolving needs like healthcare and finance. Scalable architecture enables companies to efficiently manage surges in fax transmissions without compromising performance or reliability. 

Streamlined Workflow and Productivity 

Automation of fax processes with cloud-based solutions

With online faxing software, you can enable powerful workflow tools to automate fax routing, reception, and delivery. This eliminates the time it takes to file documents manually and gives your team more bandwidth to focus on priorities that keep your business moving forward. Cloud fax services ensure that the message gets delivered directly to the intended recipient, which eliminates any downtime or potentially misplaced communications. 

Fast implementation with no downtime 

Organizations should seek out a fax services provider with an experienced implementation team that has the knowledge, expertise, and support to easily migrate businesses away from even the largest and most complex fax server configurations, with minimal impact on operations and no additional cost. 

Companies need to ensure little to no downtime of services during an integration to minimize business interruptions. Look for a solution that delivers a fully hosted solution that offers guaranteed continuity and unlimited scalability—no hardware installation, software licensing, or additional phone lines required. 

For big businesses, continuous availability of cloud fax services is a must. That means the service provider you choose needs to have a clear strategy for both business continuity and disaster recovery.  

Elimination of manual tasks and delays in fax transmissions 

With traditional faxing, documents must be printed, physically fed into fax machines, and then manually sent and received. Cloud fax services eliminate manual tasks by automating processes, digitizing workflows, and allowing users to safely send and receive faxes directly from their computers or mobile devices. 

Online faxing integrates with email and document management systems, offering features like scheduled sending and automatic retries. This ensures reliable delivery without delays caused by busy signals or paper jams. 

Environmental Sustainability 

Reduction of paper consumption and waste

Switching from traditional fax to online fax significantly reduces your organization’s paper consumption and unnecessary waste. Online faxing eliminates the need for physical paper documents, minimizing printing, storage costs, and hardware maintenance needs.  

Lower energy consumption compared to traditional fax machines

Additionally, faxing software eliminates bulky hardware energy consumption and telephony infrastructure requirements while encouraging digital document management practices. This upgrade supports remote workers, promotes paperless workflows, conserves resources, and reduces clutter. 

Contribution to corporate sustainability goals

By embracing online faxing solutions, businesses contribute to sustainability efforts by conserving resources, reducing their environmental impact, lowering their carbon footprints, and fostering eco-friendly operations that align with today’s geographically dispersed workforce. 

Addressing Common Concerns and Challenges 

Security and privacy considerations 

As data breaches and cyberattacks continue to grow in frequency and size, organizations must consider data security as a top priority, regardless of the use case or industry. Any online fax provider you consider must take data security very seriously, delivering HIPAA-compliant, PCI DSS Level 1 certified, ISO 27001 accredited, SOC 2 audited, secure and encrypted fax technology that adheres to strict document security standards. 

With cloud fax, connectivity and interoperability are the primary goal, but your organization must also ensure your critical data is safe, whatever your size, industry, or location. To ensure security, your online fax service must lock your data down, while ensuring audit-readiness by automatically storing every fax sent in secure servers to create a fully compliant audit trail. The right cloud fax provider will also employ additional online fax security features such as:  

  • Inbound and outbound faxes secured by TLS encryption, user authentication, “delete upon delivery,” and more 
  • Compliance with industry data privacy standards such as HIPAA, PHIPA, PCI DSS, and more 
  • Global data residency, powered by in-country data storage centers 

 Transitioning from traditional faxing systems 

Transitioning from in-house infrastructure to cloud-based services doesn’t need to take months or cause business disruption. With the right cloud fax provider, organizations can quickly transfer their current fax numbers seamlessly and conveniently and can easily incorporate new numbers to accommodate business expansion. Seek out an online faxing service with dedicated support teams to provide continuous assistance tailored to your requirements. 

A proficient implementation team should be equipped to facilitate a smooth migration from even the most extensive and intricate fax server setups, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations and without incurring extra expenses. 

Potential compatibility issues 

Organizations need a cloud fax provider that seamlessly integrates with their current systems, enabling you to optimize secure communications and focus on your core business activities. Even better, finding a cloud fax provider that allows you to leverage an adaptable Developer API will mean that you can tailor your cloud faxing software according to your organization’s unique requirements. 

Contrasting traditional fax services with cloud faxing software 

Traditional fax machines transmit a scanned or printed document including both text and images over telephone infrastructure. A fax machine scans a document at one end and sends it to be printed at the other end. Faxes are sent to a phone line that is linked to a fax machine, printer, or other output device. 

Since its commercial debut in 1964, fax has been considered a reliable technology to securely and efficiently send documents from one place to another. However, legacy fax incurs additional costs such as equipment upkeep and maintenance, telephony infrastructure, refills of paper and ink, and more. And there’s additional risk as you must trust that physical documents haven’t been inadvertently left on a device input or output tray to be viewed or picked up by anyone.  

In comparison, online faxing services, or cloud fax service, represent the next generation of secure communications. This technology offers distinct advantages, particularly in alleviating the burden of hardware responsibility. Online faxing enables users to send faxes conveniently from any internet-enabled device capable of sending documents as attachments. Users can safely send faxes from anywhere using a user-friendly online form, even when traveling or working remotely. 

Information transmitted via faxing software is stored in secure, standalone servers that can be accessed quickly and efficiently through the cloud, making sending or receiving a fax as simple and seamless as email. 

Online faxing example dashboard

Technological advancements enabling online faxing

Technological advancements have revolutionized the landscape of fax communication ushering in the era of faxing software. Enhanced internet connectivity bolstered by the proliferation of high-speed broadband and 5G networks has laid the foundation for seamless transmission of fax documents over the cloud.

Developing sophisticated encryption protocols and robust security measures has addressed data privacy and compliance concerns making web-based fax a viable option for businesses across various industries. Additionally the advent of cloud computing infrastructure has provided scalable and reliable platforms for hosting fax services offering flexibility and cost-effectiveness to organizations worldwide. As AI continues to evolve further expansions and capabilities are made available.

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