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As we start off the New Year, we often reflect on the year that has come and gone. In the past year, we posted many blogs full of tips and tricks, topics, and informative content on telecom expense manage and we also got a glimpse of different things about Upland Cimpl. We will be looking at all the top TEM blogs of 2019 that stuck with you, our audience, and giving you a quick recap on all your favourite subjects.  

Top Blogs of 2019

Here are the top blogs of 2019: 

 1-Single vendor vs multi-vendor: 8 factors to consider 

 What are the factors that you may want to consider when you are deciding to choose a single vendor or multi-vendor for a telecom expense management service? This blog covers it. We even included a handy-dandy smartchart to help you compare the two! 

2-5 Things You need to know about ADFS 

What is ADFS? Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS), is a software component that provides Single Sign-On (SSO) access to a variety of compatible systems and applications. It allows the secure exchange of authentication and authorization data. We will take you through the way to successfully implement an ADFS system and how it will benefit you.   

3-8 benefits of using automated systems 

This one is self-explanatory. We bring you through all the benefits you can reap with an automated system. We also explain some of the challenges that may arise when switching to automated systems. Don’t fret, there aren’t many. Which tasks can your organization start automating today?  

4 Why Cost Allocation Matters 

Cost allocation is the process of associating a cost (or group of costs) to a particular department, division, or cost center based on usage or other parameter. At its core, cost allocation is not only about monitoring the money spent by the organization, but also about allocating the cost to the right individual, department and business unit that consumed a serviceCost allocation benefits businesses by managing the cost and helping to avoid unnecessary or unwarranted spend associated with IT and telecom assets and services. Could cost allocation be useful for you?   

5-12 Telecom acronyms you need to know 

M2M, BYOD, TEM, MACD – what do these acronyms mean? This blog covers the top 12 telecom acronyms that you need to know in order to stay savvy in the industry.   

6What is Telecom Expense Management? 

How can Telecom Expense Management help you and your organization? We explain everything you need to know about TEM and what value it brings to you and your company. Plus, we include a detailed page with even more information and different tools that you can use to learn more about the benefits about TEM – we even included a video animation! 

7-Top 5 Dashboard Trends for Telecom Reporting 

Here are some trends that we’ve noticed within dashboards. Interactivity, configurable settings and filters, and clean cut and simplicity goes a long way with dashboards. As well, adding a bit of colour takes a dashboard to the next level, and allows you to highlight key performance indicators as someone looks through their dashboard. Lastly, responsiveness is one trend that has come about in dashboards and is basically a requirement there days, which is to say, whatever device you use to look at your dashboard, it should stay the same on all screens. Learn more about these trends here 

We hope that you find these blogs useful and that they help you explore a topic further or learn something new on a topic you didn’t know about 

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