Day 2 of the Content Marketing Strategies Conference: Lessons From Intel, Ogilvy, SAS, and More

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Screenshot of conference presenters for The Content MarketeerThe second and final day of the 2012 Content Marketing Strategies Conference was packed with presentations from industry leaders representing major organizations, such as Cisco, Ogilvy PR, Intel, SAS, and more.

As with Day 1 of the conference, we scoured the #contentnow Twitter hashtag feed for some of its most helpful content to keep these great ideas top-of-mind now that the conference has adjourned.

We’re divvying it up into three posts, the first of which is a culmination of tweets (below) that include savvy tips and thoughts from talks by Intel’s Jennifer Lashua, SAS’s Alison Bolen, Aegis Media’s Nigel Morris, and Ogilvy’s Luca Penati.

Our subsequent posts from the conference will include a roundup of fun visual “notes” from Clynton Taylor, marketing director at Jump Associates, and a more detailed look at the presentation from Cisco’s Heather Meza.


#Content Now Day 2

The Content Marketeer’s roundup of tweets from the second day of the 2012 Content Marketing Strategies Conference.

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To Win: Brands must operate in the culture, not in the category. @nigeldmorris #contentnowVal Swisher
We’ve spent three years breaking down silos between divisions because it’s critical to content strategy success @NigelDMorris #contentnowThe Content Wrangler
Content distribution is the new media planning. @nigeldmorris #contentnowPeggy Gartin
Most big brands are planning to shift significant amounts of $ from TV to digital content marketing, says @nigeldmorris. #contentnowAlison Bolen
Different types of content (professional, consumer, branded) need different approaches and skills @NigelDMorris #contentnowScott Abel
B2B marketing = fewer website visitors, but higher value visits #contentnowLisa LaMagna
SAS blogs get more attention than any of SAS’s content properties. Proof that blogging remains a valuable marketing element. #contentnowMary Trigiani
SMP – Social Media Practitioners – Intel has 400 (!!). Wow. @runningjen #contentnowVal Swisher
Intel social monitoring picks up customer interest at CES & videos experts to provide content on trending topic immediately. #contentnowAlison Bolen
@runningjen, @Intel: Intel offers social media training to employees and has developed a content publishing model. Good stuff. #contentnowMary Trigiani
Fans like to look & feel smart. Infographics are great for that says @runningjen #contentnowHeather Meza
Great point – social metrics are useless unless you have something to compare them to. via @alisonbolen #contentnowJen Lashua
Using a journalistic approach can add some real value to your #contentmarketing efforts – Betsy Stark #contentnowScott Abel
Neurons in brain actually *light up* in brain when they feel something compared to when they are exposed to facts – Betsy Stark #contentnowThe Content Wrangler
@LucaPenati, Betsy Stark, Ogilvy PR: Use content to help your stakeholders feel something. And always stick to the facts. #contentnowMary Trigiani
Content is king, but you need a queen (activation) and a court (community) to succeed at #contentmarketing @LucaPenati #contentnowScott Abel
@scribiting founder shares one of the best pieces of content marketing he has ever seen. AMAZING–> #contentnowGrace Boyle
What I learned at the Content Management Strategies Conference #contentstrategyVal Swisher

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