Two Financial Services Brands Creating Engaging Content

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financial services brands creating engaging content

Marketers worry that “sexy” industries have a leg up, so to speak, in the content game. They cite clever Super Bowl commercials, controversial social media campaigns, funny Tumblr accounts…

Sure. There may be more examples out there of consumer-focused products and businesses pushing the limits and seeing returns, but risqué ads and controversy aren’t the only ways to get creative with marketing content.

Take, for example, financial services marketers.

Despite dealing with compliance and regulation issues, many financial services brands are taking up the content banner to engage their target audiences.

The key to effective financial services content? Providing value. Share stories that resonate with your buyers and show your business’ impact on the people and companies it serves.

Below are two of my favorite examples. They’re neither intimidating nor difficult to replicate, so I encourage you to apply them to your own content strategy for 2015.

Charles Schwab: Advisor ServicesFIN

Engaging content starts with a buyer-centric approach to marketing. It doesn’t matter if you create the most hilarious Tumblr account this side of the Atlantic—if it’s not interesting to the people you’re actually trying to target, it won’t do a thing for your business.

Charles Schwab Advisor Services exemplifies the buyer-centric content model. They got on board with Marketo, marketing automation software, and fueled it with targeted content about the challenges and needs of independent investment advisors. This strategy allowed them to nurture prospects and make them more successful.

Creative Content Example: The Custodian Scorecard [Editable PDF]

charles schwab gets creative with financial services content

Charles Schwab Advisor Services has across-the-board-fantastic content (check out their resources page), but one of my favorite assets is the custodian scorecard. Now, it might not mean much to you if you’re not a registered investment advisor (RIA)—and that’s okay—because you’re not their target audience. But any company can learn from their approach. This asset is a helpful, editable PDF. It walks RIAs through an evaluation process, and gives them a chance to think through and save their answers.

It supports the needs of their buyers, starting with the must-ask questions to evaluate an important element of their businesses.


The best content—as stated above—speaks to buyer needs, but also convincingly ties these needs to your company’s insights and solutions. Equifax has reached the careful balance required to do this well, with their visual, informative content assets.

Creative Content Example: B2B Data Evolution [eBook + Infographic]

Equifax won the “Best Metrics-Based Content” in the Killer Content Awards for 2014, and it’s easy to see why. This eBook was paired with an infographic as part of a sales enablement campaign, and it “had a major positive impact on the company’s efforts to elevate its sales conversations with customers and prospects.” In this example, Equifax supported their sales team and engaged prospects with well-designed, tailored content.

So you might not have a funny Tumblr account, or a hilarious parody video, but financial services brands can still create engaging and strategic content. Start with the buyer, match their needs to your solutions, and get after it.

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