[Free Template] How to Fuel Your Marketing Automation with Content

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No matter how sophisticated your marketing automation system is, if you’re not feeding it the right content, it will flop. Similarly, your content can’t improve if you don’t understand how your audience is reacting to it.

Streamlining your marketing automation and content creation process is the best path to success. To help you get started, we created this free template. We walk through it step by step below.

You can download complete version of this template to share with your team here.

plan your content template

The first step is to building the right content is aligning your assets with major themes, personas, and buying stages.

Take the time to list those key indicators here. If you’re not quiet sure what your major themes are or who your target audience is, gather stakeholders from across your organization to help identify them. This group—what we call the “content board“—should meet at least once a quarter to discuss the themes, personas, and buying stages your brand needs to serve with content.

align to marketing automation template

Next, it’s time to build out your marketing automation segments. These segments, which guide what content you serve and when, should stem directly from the personas and major content themes identified by the content board. It’s imperative for the consistency of your messaging that marketing automation themes and content themes align.

align teams around content template

When you’re ready, send out a major piece of content, or content pillar, to the appropriate segments. Then, be sure to track the performance of that delivery. Track key performance indicators (KPIs) like open rate, click-through rate, downloads, conversions, opportunities, etc.

share marketing auotmation data template

Finally, share these KPIs with your content team. Encourage them to list out how these learnings should inform future content. Maybe the low open rate resulted from a wordy subject line. Perhaps the conversion rate would have been higher if the asset was shorter, and more digestible. Maybe the tone you were using was inappropriate for the segment.

Encourage your team to drill down into how the data can inform your content, leading to better results every time.

Want the full (editable) template to share with your team? Download it now!

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