How to Create Compelling Content: Tips from the Pros

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In 2012, the average attention span was 8 seconds.

That’s barely enough time to sneeze twice.

In a world where you lose focus in the same amount of time it takes to grab a tissue, B2B marketers have evolved the way they present information to their target buyers. With that in mind, we’ve compiled some of our favorite tips from leading content marketers on how to create compelling content that won’t lose the attention of your target buyers.

Have a Mission Statement

“How can we execute a content strategy if we don’t have a clear vision for why we are developing the content in the first place? Every person that touches the content marketing program should know, by heart, what the mission of the content strategy is.” – Joe Pulizzi, Content Marketing Institute

Harvest Stories

“Your customers and your employees tell your best stories. Harvest them, feed them, grow them, and tell them.” – Gini Dietric, Spin Sucks

Use the “So What?” Test

“Whatever your idea for a piece of writing, ask yourself, ‘So what?’ Sure, your product does X, Y and Z, and it does it in 5 seconds. Well, so what? When you can answer that question, you actually have something to say in your writing, and readers will find it relevant.” – Joan Damico, J.Damico Marketing Communications

Don’t Be Vain

“Carly Simon said it best: this song is not about you. Effective content is about the goals, problems, and shared interests of your audiences and community. We build connections and relationships with content that delights, educates, and compels people to take action.” – Amanda Batista, Eloqua

Surprise Your Buyers

“Let go and step outside the official boundaries…Surprise people.” -Todd Wheatland, Kelly OCG

Use the Taylor Swift Method

“Taylor [Swift]’s music is so beloved by her fans because they can see themselves being the person that Taylor is singing about. That makes it much easier to relate to and connect with Taylor. So how do you apply this to your brand’s content marketing efforts, especially if your fans aren’t teenage girls? You do the exact same thing Taylor does, you create content that’s written from the point of view of your intended audience.” – Mark Collier, Convince and Convert

Write Good Headlines

“Start with a powerful headline. This is the hook that lures readers in and gets them to read the article! It must be consistent with the information you’re presenting or they’re gone.” – Heidi Cohen, Actionable Marketing Expert

Properly Package Your Content

“Most companies that I know have valuable content. It’s just in a format and a package that’s not interesting or consumable in today’s environment.” -Nick Panayi, CSC

Check out more tips in this short video, which includes some of the above content marketing pros.

What are your favorite tips for creating compelling content? Share them in the comments below.

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