A Close Look at HubSpot’s Brilliant Content Marketing

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In case you missed it, the Kapost Top 50 Content Marketing Brands—a list of brands whose content marketing efforts are generating big wins and real successes—is out for 2013!

If you haven’t checked it out yet, take a peek.

And if you have taken a look, and you’re wondering what these rock star brands are doing that makes them stand out from the crowd, you’re in luck.

We’ve been doing a whole series on the topic. And today we’re talking about HubSpot, #5 on our top-50 list.

One of the things we love most about HubSpot is their tiered approach to content. Each content channel caters to a different level of information. The Inbound Marketing Blog gives users a starting point with short, useful articles that introduce ideas and topics. The marketing resource hub digs a little deeper with in-depth white papers and takeaway worksheets. And the HubSpot Academy offers the deepest dive of all with classes and webinars that take marketers farther into a topic.

Which is why those three channels (alongside their fabulous YouTube offerings) pushed HubSpot toward the top of our list.

In case you’d like to take a look for yourself, here are those tiered HubSpot channels:

Inbound Marketing Blog.
Every day, HubSpot’s inbound marketing blog features multiple articles—all centered around inbound marketing. Recent posts have featured topics like press coverage through HARO and 35 free content marketing templates.

Marketing Resource Hub.
Just in case their inbound marketing prospects and clients want to dig deeper, HubSpot’s marketing resource hub does just that with in-depth webinars, white papers, worksheets, and data.

(If you want to show deep expertise in your subject matter, this is the way to do it.)

Inbound Marketing Academy.
HubSpot’s marketing academy offers classes, webinars, and even marketing certification for serious inbound marketers.

So, what’s the strategy here?

Looking at what the top content marketers do with their campaigns is an important step in the quest to take your own content marketing to the next level. But equally important is understanding the strategy behind what they do. Which is why we’re glad that HubSpot offers a guide to building a killer content strategy. If you want to get into these great content marketing minds, you can pick up your copy here.

And, some of the keys to their strategy, as outlined in the guide might sound familiar to those who follow our blog:

1. Understand your target audience.

2. Map content to your buying cycle.

3. Build and maintain a solid editorial calendar.

What do you think of HubSpot’s approach?

As always, we’d love to hear from you in the comments. What lessons will you take into your own content marketing?

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