How LeadMD Creates Higher Quality Content in 1/5 of the Time [Customer Spotlight]

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Businesses are actively seeking the right framework, solution, online software, or system that allows them to do content marketing better. They need to produce:

  • More content
  • Higher quality content
  • And marketing stories that truly engage target markets to become a customer.

Kapost is that solution for marketing content at LeadMD.

“Kapost has been a huge catalyst,” Justin Gray, CEO and Chief Marketing Evangelist of LeadMD

“Previously we managed everything in a spreadsheet format and kind of kept main deliverables in our project management system. But it’s really hard to do from a day-to-day basis,” Gray said.

LeadMD, which regularly produces upwards of 20 content pieces a month, was running into the problems all companies managing content in spreadsheets ultimately hit:

  • They couldn’t push content live from a spreadsheet.
  • They lacked collaborative visibility into what stage of production content assets were in.
  • They couldn’t align content deliverables to specific buyer personas.

With Kapost, that all changed. 

“We are definitely focused on being a content machine,” Gray says. “It’s very important to us to have a trusted environment where we have a workflow system, we know who’s next in the process, we know what the delivery dates are, and ultimately that we can align that to buyer personas.”

By leveraging the right technology, LeadMD’s marketers really can create more content, at a faster pace. 

When leveraging spreadsheets and email content deliverables, like articles or blog posts, used to take Gray’s team 20-25 days to complete. With the Kapost platform, it takes them 5.

That increased efficiency is the goal of SaaS companies and enterprise businesses alike. Or, put differently, they need to take the tedium out of business to allow professionals to tackle harder projects and focus on their core objectives.

In the case of marketing, that means creating higher quality content, tailored to buyer personas, in a fraction of the time.

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