5 Essential Marketing Resources for SaaS Businesses

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The software-as-a-service (SaaS) industry is growing rapidly. There are thousands of established SaaS businesses, and thousands more are appearing to vie for market share. In order for your company to stand out in an increasingly crowded and competitive space, it’s essential that you understand the best practices and latest trends of SaaS marketing.

To help you get to grips with SaaS-specific marketing strategy, I’ve compiled five of the best guides and resources around. They tackle all aspects of SaaS marketing, from growth-hacking to performance analysis.  They’re perfect for improving the reach, growth, and profitability of your software-as-a-service business.

1. SaaS Metrics 2.0: A Guide to Measuring and Improving What Matters

This fantastic 8,000-word guide looks at the key differences between traditional businesses and SaaS companies, and drills down to the core metrics necessary to understand and optimize the growth of your SaaS company.

The guide goes into unbelievable detail, taking a critical look at everything from profitability to churn. It’s illustrated with real-world examples and case studies, helpful graphs, and key formulae, and, best of all, the expert insight of two seasoned SaaS veterans: Ron Gill (CFO of NetSuite) and Brad Coffey (VP of Strategy at HubSpot).

2. 11 Tips for a Pricing Page from 10 SaaS Rockstars

Your pricing page is the business-end of your website and the ultimate test of your SaaS marketing strategy. In order to see your marketing investment come to fruition, it’s essential that you optimize your prices and frame them in the most positive light possible.

11 Tips for a Pricing Page from 10 SaaS Rockstars sets out to help you achieve just that, by drawing upon the pricing pages of ten SaaS successes. It analyzes their pricing strategies and provides actionable insights to help you incorporate them into your own website. Couple the SaaS-specific ideas mentioned here with these psychology-driven B2B pricing strategies, and your pricing page can become your greatest asset.

3. Online Marketing Guide for B2B and B2C SaaS Companies

Despite focusing on both business and consumer markets, the Online Marketing Guide for B2B and B2C SaaS Companies offers a ton of engaging and straightforward advice around the best practices of targeted, SaaS-specific B2B marketing.

With actionable tips on buyer-persona creation, KPIs, conversion optimization, and branding, it’s a worthwhile read for anyone working in a SaaS business. Whether you’re looking to overhaul your marketing strategy or simply refine your approach, a half-hour spent poring over the information here will help you structure your next marketing drive for even better results.

4. How 9 SaaS Companies Hacked Their Growth

For SaaS companies looking to develop a big user-base, KISSMetrics’ guide to SaaS growth hacking is a must-read. It highlights the growth-focused strategies used by nine companies—including industry giants DropBox and PayPal—and provides simple takeaways for you to use in your own business.

In the guide, each business focused on growing a specific aspect of their user-base, from their mailing list to trial users. By focusing their marketing efforts on this single goal, each company was able to achieve  stellar results and launch themselves into a position of unparalleled visibility.

Regardless of your SaaS growth goals, this guide will help you improve both exposure and reach.

5. SaaS Marketing Plan: 5 Ways to Get Your App to Sell Itself

Application signups are the lifeblood of many SaaS companies, but encouraging people to take the step from audience to app user can be a big hurdle to overcome. Five Ways to Get Your App to Sell Itself strives to tackle this problem by providing SaaS businesses with six proven strategies to bring new customers on board.

It’s an enjoyable A-Z of sign-up hacks, and, thanks to a bit of behavioral psychology, even demonstrates how users can become emotionally invested in your brand. It details ways to get people to sign up for your app, and explains how to ensure they end up as satisfied long-term customers.

The guide even comes with a handy SlideShare for sharing with time-poor directors and executives—perfect for encouraging decision makers to take action.

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