Why Storytelling Is Important for Your Business

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What do you remember?

Can you recite, moment by moment, the final play of your favorite NFL football game, the winning touchdown and the number of yards, how the team carried the wide receiver over their heads? Or perhaps the time you went snorkeling with your family, the color of water, the fish, the coral reefs you saw, touched, or photographed?

We recall these details because they’re part of a story—and good stories paint a mental picture. They activate your senses, are recounted with emotion, and often times a punchline or funny moment makes you not only remember the tale, but share it with others.

“The most successful marketers and salespeople are amazing storytellers”

The best stories are those that hit you with something intriguing in the very beginning. They make you think, react, and engage. They’re captivating from the get-go, and create an emotional connection that carries the reader or listener through to the very end.

But it’s not just friends and family that share powerful stories. It’s businesses, too. The most successful marketers and salespeople are amazing storytellers—about their brand, employees, values, and customers.

Imagine your company having the ability to tap into all of the best stories across departments and geographies, across customers and users.

To find the stories in your business, ask these 4 questions:

  1. What raw stories exist, and what channels are available to share them?
  2. Who owns these stories, how many are there, and what’s the quality like?
  3. How do you create more original content, fuel future content, and hold people accountable for sharing their stories?
  4. How can you act more like a publisher and tell stories to the right audience, at the right time, through the right channel?

So, the reason why storytelling is important to a business is that your audience will remember, share, and—perhaps—like it so much they’ll want to be part of the story your company is telling.

Happy storytelling!

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