The Week in Content Marketing: Love Is in the Air

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Photo Credit: Erin Leigh McConnell via Flickr

There was some serious content marketing love in the air this week. Valentine’s Day inspired quite a few posts, articles and infographics reminding marketers to play their cards right, especially when it comes to relationships with customers, buyers and even the content itself. Because we love a good theme, we decided to roundup of our favorite love-themed posts from the week. Enjoy, content marketing lovebirds!

How do you show your audience the love? Follow these three simple steps from Jessica Fritsche which will turn your target audience into putty in your hands. Okay, maybe not putty, but they just might trust and appreciate you enough to subscribe to your newsletter or check out a demo. First, listen to what they want. Next, woo them with creative ways to connect. Finally, follow through with promises. Can you feel the warm fuzzies already? Via dcustom

This week, Deborah Bates of Red Rocket Media reminded us to pay attention to the very thing at the heart of our digital strategies: content. To prove content is the real deal and worth your time and loving affection, check out this Valentine’s Day infographic complete with poetry (“roses are red, violets are blue, if you don’t have content, no one will find you”)  and hard stats (B2B brands that blog see a 67% increase in leads).  Via The Wall Blog

In love and content marketing, there are always lessons to learn. B2B marketer and Valentine’s Day enthusiast, Stacy Thompson, shared 5 poignant lessons content marketers can learn from this festive day of chocolates, roses, and greeting cards. Get your timing right, stick to consistent themes that work, and avoid clichés and jargon. Good advice–on both fronts. Via Komarketing Associates 

BONUS: We just needed to share a brilliant piece of content marketing from the good folks over at Marketo. They really love their content, so much so that they created what is possibly the first ever song written specifically about a piece of B2B content. This catchy tune might just inspire you to make some marketing automation music of your own.

You can also download their Definitive Guide to Marketing Automation. It’s kind of like a valentine, because they made it to show you just how much they care.

Did we miss something that wowed you this week? Please share it in the comments. Have a love-ly weekend!

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