Optimize your Marketing Strategy

Optimizing your app marketing strategy is a never-ending process, so we let you A/B test up to 10 versions of every message you send. Run multivariate tests on message content, imagery, CTAs, and more. Continue using messages that were the most successful in the past while testing new messages with smaller audiences to compare the performance of each variant and select a winner.

Experiment and Drive Results

An easy A/B test to run is on offers. Identify a disengaged audience, and create a few different offers that incentivize them to return to your app or website and make a purchase, then see which offers are best at boosting your conversion rates.

Send a shopper who hasn’t returned to your app recently an “exclusive offer” with the most appealing A/B tested message.

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Apps that provide an onboarding experience see higher retention rates, but don’t stop at a single onboarding message. Test out different flows for your users to see if they have an impact on retention, feature adoption, or even time spent in the app.

Reduce churn and create a great onboarding by A/B testing different messages, such as a single full-screen in-app vs. a carousel to discover to make the best first impression.

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Your recurring campaigns may be performing well but that doesn’t mean they can’t do better. Start by testing new copy or adding emojis with a small percentage of campaign recipients. Rather than make a sudden change, send a variant to 5-10% of your users, and compare the performance to your existing copy.

Imagine offering the best holiday deals for your most loyal customers. With A/B testing, you can encourage users to complete the purchase giving them amazing deals.

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Drive Results with Data and Creativity


Always keep experimenting

Experiment with your messaging, especially if you’re not quite sure what your users respond best to by A/B testing the copy, the color, or emojis to discover what your users love most. Test up to 10 variants.

Drive results

If you solely rely on conversion rates to evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns, you could be sending messages that are causing long-term damage to your customer experience. Use control groups to clearly see which versions of your messages are driving the best results.

Improve personalization

Making your messages more personal increases engagement and makes a meaningful impact on the effectiveness of your messages. Incorporate A/B testing and create better-defined audiences to move your campaigns to the next stage of personalization, and get up to a 48% increase in conversion rates.

A/B Testing Features

Multiple Experiments A/B test up to 10 versions of every message and evaluate the impact on six key metrics
Creative & Copy Create A/B tests for up to 10 creative variants for any in-app, push messaging campaigns
Control Groups Set up control groups to easily see if a message drove an increase or decrease in user engagement, revenue, or conversion
Places Use A/B testing to see how different messages perform in your location-based campaigns
Easy Reporting View A/B test results in True Impact™ to better understand campaign performance and results

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