Engage Supporters and Raise Awareness with Text Messaging


Mobile campaigns offer your organization an efficient way to reach large numbers of supporters quickly to motivate them to action. Upland Mobile Messaging empowers you to send informative text messages, direct phone calls, and set up mobile fundraising campaigns to alert your list and see measurable results.

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Drive Advocacy and Mobilize Constituents

Text messaging allows you to mobilize millions of supporters to drive phone calls, voting, and other forms of action. With Upland Mobile Messaging, you can set up and launch call-in campaigns that connect constituents with legislators, give supporters key talking points, and track incoming calls in real time to measure your impact instantly.

Increase Donations

Timing is important in fundraising. Text messaging is a powerful and effective way to reach supporters and instantly increase donations through a text-to-give campaign and text reminders to donate. You can also promote campaigns at live events, directing supporters to online web forms.

Integrate with Existing CRMs

We understand that Upland Mobile Messaging is only one communication channel. That’s why we’ve made it seamless to integrate with your CRM system and have out-of-the-box integrations with ActionKit, Action Network, BSD Tools, Convio Luminate, Salsa, NationBuilder, and Salesforce.

Communicate in Real Time

Many of your supporters have their devices in their hands at any moment in time. Mobile messaging lets you reach them with breaking information and key knowledge, allowing you to respond instantly to answer questions or direct actions.

Meet Our Client Partners

Hundreds of nonprofit organizations are already harnessing the power of Upland Mobile Messaging to connect with their constituents. Here are a few of them.


How Text Messaging Improves Multichannel Engagement for Nonprofit Fundraising

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