How to Engage Your Audience with Limited Resources

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It always seems like there’s never enough time in the day to accomplish what needs to be done. Never enough people to help. And certainly, never enough room in the budget.

That doesn’t mean you get to skip these tasks; it means you must get creative to get things done.

In times when organizations must drive engagement with limited resources, you may be forced to prove to your boss that mobile messaging is still necessary. However, it’s precisely in these times that mobile messaging’s true power reveals itself. Mobile messaging is an effective way to engage your audience with limited resources. Not only is SMS widely adopted and easy-to-use, it can also come in handy when you have to connect with your subscribers despite ever-diminishing resources.

Here are just a few of the ways mobile messaging can help you achieve more with less.

Text messages can be written quickly.

Don’t have time to type out a fundraising message? No copywriters available to perfect that marketing email? This is where mobile messaging shines.

At 160 characters, an SMS message can be crafted in no time. Whether you use SMS to promote content, deliver mobile wallet passes, or provide time-sensitive emergency information, SMS ensures you get the word out quickly. That makes mobile messaging convenient for both you and your subscribers.

Growing your mobile list is easier than growing your audience on other channels.

While your website is a powerful tool for collecting opt-ins, driving onsite opt-ins can require new webforms, landing pages, or other site updates. Of course, your site isn’t the only way to collect opt-ins. One of the great things about mobile messaging is that new subscribers can opt in with a text. All you have to do is set up a keyword, create a call-to-action, and promote your message to the masses.

A keyword opt-in allows you to grow your mobile list across social channels, email, physical materials, in-person events – anywhere you can place your keyword! This provides the potential for viral list growth, even on channels that aren’t typically effective at list growth.

For instance, Instagram is a powerful visual channel, but it doesn’t allow you to post links to your site. With a keyword opt-in path, you can promote your call-to-action with an eye-catching graphic and compelling image copy, then encourage your audience to do the same by sharing your graphic in their feeds or stories. If you have a large social following, these keyword paths can easily turn passive social audiences into engaged mobile subscribers.

Mobile messaging allows you to recycle content from other channels.

As resources become more scarce, the more value you can squeeze from existing content, the better. Fortunately, mobile messaging is the optimal channel for repurposing content.

For instance, text messages can be crafted from social media posts, often with few tweaks. Even if you decide to send an MMS message, you don’t necessarily have to create a new image. By reusing graphics from social media, email, or other channels, you can get more mileage from the content you already have.

Mobile messaging also has a quicker approval process.

While many channels offer effective engagement, some channels take more resources than others. For instance, email requires HTML development and render testing, while social media posts need eye-catching images and video to stand out among the noise – all of which must pass the approval process.

Meanwhile, text messages can be approved quickly. The brevity of a text message makes it easy for all stakeholders to review, and if you’re repurposing content from other channels, that content has likely already passed the approval process.

Even if your resources are limited, your success doesn’t have to be limited too. Mobile messaging can play a key role in your audience engagement, no matter your engagement goals, budget, or free time.

To get more ideas for engaging your audience with limited resources, talk to your Upland Mobile Messaging customer success manager, or contact us here.

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