Proposal Automation for PSA: Deliver what you sell


Great you made a sale…now can you deliver what you promised?

One of the biggest pitfalls plaguing Professional Services Organizations these days is the lack of alignment between sales and service departments, and the ability for the team to execute what has been committed to the customer. The impact on customer satisfaction can be great, potentially resulting in the loss of a new customer in some cases. According to researchers at the TSIA, better internal alignment can result in as much as 6x higher rate of customer satisfaction.

Check out our 30-minute webinar on-demand, Proposal Automation for PSA: Deliver what you sell, where we will show you how you can create a solid alliance between your sales and services departments by introducing Proposal Automation within your PSA software.

In this webinar, we will show how proposal automation will help your organization:

  • Build Sales Process Efficiency with centralized service offer definitions
  • Accelerate Project Kick Off by synchronizing financial details from the SOW to your PSA
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction by providing a consistent approach from proposal to delivery


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