Strategic Resource Management: What’s Working And What Needs To Change

Discover valuable insights, such as how to track and forecast utilization.

In today’s economy, services organizations need more than ever to focus on profitability while ensuring project success and customer satisfaction. Learn all about utilization, and how to rethink the way you plan and manage your resources to guarantee optimal utilization and maximum profitability.

This webinar will explore what you need to know about strategic resource management, including how to track and forecast utilization. We will uncover common challenges – and share best practices on how to overcome them – for building a high-performing project team. Plus, you’ll get some practical tips that you can implement immediately to see tangible results.

Watch this webinar and learn:

  • The ins and outs of calculating utilization
    Project team members contribute to the organization in different ways; how do you define utilization and how is it measured?
  • Approaching utilization on fixed-fee contracts vs. time and materials
    What unique considerations do you need to undertake with fixed-fee billing?
  • The top 3 reports you need to monitor resource utilization
    Upgrade your visibility with live reports and dashboards that provide transparency into resource status, including how to action your findings.
  • Build business resilience with forward-looking utilization
    Make data informed decisions about your team including strategic allocation, training, or hiring.

Featured Speakers

Brendan Holland
Professional Services Leader,
who has managed hundreds of
implementations in his 10-year career.


Joseph Spagnuolo
Director of Sales,
helping customers drive business
value and profitability.


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